Sunday, June 13, 2004

Damn, what a day

This entry doesn't have a lot to do with cycling, but it's my blog.
The day started out sweet, got up, mowed the yard. Went to slumberland with shortstop to pick out a new chair or two that she wanted, very cool (and I got a new recliner that is actually coming for Italy, the sales lady sold that chair with one word, "oh we have to special order that one from Italy," I'LL TAKE IT.)

Then it started to rain here in Lincoln, No biggie, but Jeff was getting married yesterday and Big Catt and I were heading up to Omaha for John & Abby's outdoor wedding as well. (they say rain on your wedding day is good luck, so I didn't feel to bad for anyone)

I Pick up Big Catt and we're off, downpour the whole way up there, we find the place and it clears up just enough for the wedding to go. 1/2 window at the most it was perfect.
We then drove around for another 1/2 hour to find the reception, in a total downpour.
Saw some of the Omaha peeps, (What up Brad Z, Treven) After some brews and some food we had to come back to Lincoln (I had to bartend)

It's been dead at the bars lately. (well schools out) It doesn't get busy till real late now, like midnight, but it's still worth the cash even to come on for an hour. Except last night.

20 kids, and I mean kids, they were even small like kids and they went ape shit at 11:30. They were throwing bottles, pool ques, anything, it was fucking nuts. All the fighting was over a girl.
I hate little hoodlem shits.

I love working at the bar, very international crowd, very diverse, and everyone's usualy very laid back. We never have problems, last night was the first one I'd been in that I was truly scared for a little bit thinking I was gonna get stabbed with a broken glass, or something.. These kids (little fuckin thugs) they just went nuts.


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