Tuesday, June 29, 2004

from martha c. out in alaski

So I did another 24 hour race in Anchorage. I did it two years ago when I lived up here and I decided to do it again with Dave, Tad, and Damion that Dave and I work with at the Bike Shop. It is nice to do a 24 hour race up here because it doesn't get dark. The sun was down for about 5 hours but it was still pretty easy to see. I used my light once on my midnight to one am shift for about 20 seconds if that tells you anything. There were about 86 people in the race and it was 81 degrees, which is hot for here. My team came in at 8th (I think) out of 14 teams. Last time I did it we got 3rd out of five teams. The laps were just under 11 miles at a very hilly crosscountry ski area. There was a bit of rooty singletrack in there too. The two solo winners were women with 17 and 15 laps. Thats over 180 miles. Crazy. At the timing area where you switch riders I was waiting for Tad to come in so I could go. Out of the trees onto the trail a huge moose came out running with a girl on a bike chasing behind it really fast.
On another lap I came down the hill to join a bunch of other riders waiting for a moose to move. It was a mom with a baby. We were all yelling at it trying to get it to move. A guy started hiking up the hill to hike around it. Just then the moose took off after him. He dropped his bike and ran. We were all laughing because his bike was right in front of the moose and the moose wouldn't budge. Then the moose came after us. We all strated running the opposite way on the trail. It stopped so we started yelling at it again. It started running at us again. We took off on our bikes and it strated running faster. I dove into some bushes and it kept chasing the others. When it came by me it looked in my direction and only then did I realize that the bush I was hiding it was really pathetic and that I wasn't very far away from the trail at all. I held real still and it passed. I jumped out on the trail and started riding again. I think it took the other folks awile to get back to the trail because I never saw them again. You see a bunch of moose on these trails all the time and usually they are pretty calm. You would be flying down a hill at the race and would ride within 10 feet of one laying it the grass and it wouldn't budge.
It was a fun race.
I have been riding a bunch up here and having a really good time. The trails here are hilly and fun and you can find the nice techinical downhills if you want.
I am working in a shop again too. It is called the Bicycle Shop and it is really fun to work at. We sell a lot of full suspension and high end bikes. We sell few road bikes (there are few roads and they are shitty because of frost heaves) and few high end hardtails (there is more of a market for full suspension bikes). We also send mail orders out to people in the bush. It can be hard because they try to explain the parts they need and we have to expain how to do the work and send a tool to them. We do a big shop ride every Saturday and we take alot of beer breaks. There are usually at least 12 people on the ride and a few times it has been over 20 people.
Anyway that is what I am doing. I am going back to Antarctica at the end of August so I will be through Lincoln soon. I am bummed to have to leave Alaska.
Anyway hope all is well!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is good to hear from you. I hope to see you sometime in the future. Hard to say when. I am glad though to hear that everything is going well for you. Have fun!

Your buddy,

June 29, 2004 at 10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did someone get this in an e-mail from martha or did she post it. Has she seen the sight? Hi Marty
love ya

June 29, 2004 at 6:41 PM  

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