Thursday, June 10, 2004


Mountain Bikers Push Congress at IMBA Summit

The 2004 IMBA Summit peaked June 7 with a momentous day on Capitol Hill and
unmatched energy to fuel mountain biking's future.

The gathering attracted mountain biking leaders to the Washington, D.C.
region June 4-8 for four days of informative seminars, networking, volunteer
training, awesome riding, parties, celebrity guest speakers and political

Attendees spent a full day on Capitol Hill, meeting with their U.S.
representatives, senators and staff to introduce IMBA and key mountain
biking issues. The effort builds on IMBA's increased activity and leadership
in our nation's capital - the place where key trail management decisions are

"There's no question this was a groundbreaking event," said IMBA executive
director Tim Blumenthal. "The halls of Congress were crawling with mountain
bikers. We led more than 140 face-to-face meetings with government leaders
and their staff. Our people were concise, professional and credible
advocates for mountain biking. IMBA's network is more talented and motivated
than ever. We've got unprecedented momentum."

Participants included many of IMBA's volunteer reps, key federal land
managers from the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, BLM and U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers, journalists, and leaders of other cycling and
conservation groups.

Racing heroes Marla Streb and Ned Overend spoke at the event and urged their
congressional delegations to support trails and mountain biking.

The Federal Highway Administration's Recreational Trails Program was the
event's leading sponsor, underwriting its educational components. The Bikes
Belong Coalition, Quality Bicycle Products and America Bikes were presenting

More information about the Summit, including workshop summaries and photos
will be posted shortly on the IMBA website.




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