Wednesday, June 09, 2004

More work and less play makes riding fun-er

Today I went back out to wilderness and worked on the log ride area. With the water up you can't take the original route to the ( SON OF A BITCH I JUST SPILLED MY BEER ) FUCK.

ok, that's all cleaned up now, damn, nothing worse than typing, and then spilling your budweiser.
anyway, where was I.
you can't take the original "designed" route to the entry point of the log ride without a snorkel. So I needed to make a new point of entry. With the park guys not mowing back the weeds in the "altered" new area's only the original main trail, it depends on us volunteers to keep it rideable. Plus if the park guys saw what we, ( Dirty, Rob, and others helped me out quite a bit thanks. ) had built, it wouldn't probably be there anymore. Weed eater, chain saw, extra string, beef snacks, and a new can of deep woods off, and we're good to go for a few weeks of riding.
Now that we can get to the beginning of the log ride, anyone who's ridden it knows that at the end of the log ride you drop right back into the gully and now, back into the water. With chainsaw in hand we've now created a nice exit point bringing it all back into a nice little loop. Now you can go out to the log ride, ride a loop and not come home with west Nile (as long as you don't fall off)

Well I wonder what happened with the crew out at Platte tonight with the Thor guys. Jesse tells me that it's quite the shnizzle at lake Manitoba / maniwa, something like that. Cross the river into Iowa and go south is what I believe he said. Cross between wilderness and Swanson with log rides and log jumps in the park. I believe it's Dicky and Ressetar and some other guys probably. (sorry about butchering your guy's name if you ever read this and leaving the others out.) Imba even hooked them up with some chizzzing for doing the work. gotta hook that shit up yo.

we'll get some notes from Jesse in the morning.
there is a helava movie on, and I can't remember the name. With Robert De-niro as a blind old Lt. Coronal in the army, living out his last few days in New York with character Charlie. (anyone, anyone) Spike TV 10 pm at night central time. damn it's good, years since I've seen it.
well gotta go


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