Saturday, June 12, 2004

Mt.Elden, Flagstaff AZ

Another day another ride. This one was a good un too.

Got up early again, made coffee got my snacks together and went downstairs to meet my buddy Tim. Drove over to Jim's and took off towards Flagstaff. The ims are damn good guys. I have been lucky to meet these guys and be asked to ride with them as much as i do. They are pretty good. Tim was a cat2 roadie and rode a bit in Europe. Doesn't really matter as far as that goes we all can keep up with each other which is the most important thing.

Phoenix to Flagstaff appx 2.15 hours. Good drive, really pretty desert scenary, but i was tired of seeing the desert and couldn't wait to get into the mountains.

The San Fransico peaks hover to the north of the little, but growing town of Flagstaff. Found the trailhead changed and took off on the bikes. Mt. Elden has about a zillion and one trails. The locals probably know better loops, but ours didn't turn out too bad. We took the lower eldman to the elden lookout road that came close to the summit at about 9300 ft. Our start was appx 7200 ft. So a decent amount of gain over the trail. Backsided the mtn taking the sunset trail through the hobbit forest (i love that name) and after that i am not real sure, but we ended up looping back to our truck. As most of you know that ride a bit with me i am usually completely lost, unless i have riden the area 10+ times. Ask Dirty; when we where on bike tour i had no frickin clue where i was for a month and a half.

Thoughts of Flagstaff riding: talk about some bitchin trails. Really good mtn trails. Lots of fun jumps and bumps and crazy sections and little drops. Lots of speed on the decents variable trails, but in pretty good shape. They have really good signage so you can't really get lost if you are paying attention (which i wasn't)Great climbing sections good views on the whole a worthwhile trip if you got a week and want to camp and ride you wouldn't be bored at all. Plus, Flagstaff has some brew pubs and a good night life so you can go out and get drunk and jump back onto your bike ride to your campsite and pass out.

I am pretty tired. Hope everyone has a good weekend!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So was that the Jedi trail dude?

June 13, 2004 at 10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, no it wasn't...i guess i was wrong in saying that was the ride we were going to do. I guess the Jedi is a mountain or so away from where we rode.


June 13, 2004 at 3:16 PM  

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