Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Rantings from a fixxed gear rider / Steven Karp

this an excerpt from the Fixed-Gear Hooligan Manifesto by steven karp. i tend to like the whole fixed gear thing as well, but that aside- i agree w/ what he is saying about cycling in general:

People see us as outlaws. We get judgments and disses. So we're "fixed-gear hooligans." And I'm here to say that cycling doesn't have to be about carbon fibre lust, boutique name-brand "proper" cycling clothing, and $200 Sidi shoes.

The "hooligan" term reminds some folks of dim-witted, slack-jawed drunks prone to mindless violence. But we aren't declaring ourselves to be hooligans -- it's just how some mainstream cyclist see us.

I'd hoped people would see the satire and tongue-in-cheekism from a mile away. The main point is to strip away all the cycling tangents that people get caught up in, and bring folks back to the bare basics of cycling for cycling's sake. By all means, wear what you want, ride as expensive or as cheap a ride as you want; but just ride for the *fun and camaraderie of riding*. There's no persecution; just reaching out to folks who might feel left out of cycling because it's gotten so expensive and caught up in the newest and shiniest and techiest'...

Snobbery in Reverse?
Yes, my little tirade is reverse snobism - but who speaks for the unspoken-for? And with a sense of humor? There was a time when cycling was a grass-roots, working class sport - look at vintage pictures of track racers. These guys doubled as boxers, or carpenters, or blacksmiths- they were everyday, bare-knuckle kinda folks. Out this way, people on high-endy bikes with high-falootin gear tend to disregard someone who isn't decked out in the same gear, with the same super bike....instead of getting angry at this fact, the decision was made to have some fun with it.
Here's the lowdown on Fixed Gear Hooligans for anyone who may be intimidated, offended, or put ill-at-ease by the concept: It is not a gang, or even a true club with dues and secret handshakes. It's a couple of patches which reflect an all-too common reaction to folks who happen to ride or maintain fixed gear or track bikes.

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