Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Suicide squirrel

True story
by cvo
So I get this e-mail last night about writing stories about riding in Lincoln. I don't do a whole lot of riding any more, I'm getting lazy. I do still love it when I do ride though, but you buy a house and get married, shit changes. You gotta mow, clean, and what not.
Anyhow. I have a magic carpet for a mountain bike, (thanks KKS) and it's almost mine, and that is what I ride most of the time.
In the back of my garage, collecting dust upside down with flat tires is my road bike. I hate it, but it's full Ultegra and I can't part with it. ( I totally regret selling off the Stoned Fat Cow ) (my voodoo bizango) Someday I'm gonna get cornbread to sell me his cross bike, until then my road bike will collect dust in the garage.

So late March, April when it's getting nice enough for me to ride comfortably again (I'm lazy ok.) I decide to ride it. Even though I hate it with a passion as soon as I'm a block from my house. Feels like a board up my ass compared to the Palimino I ride. The only saving grace of the bike is it's fast.

Well I stop off at Cycle Works and say hello to the guys in the shop and take off again down the John Deitrick trail.

I've never hit any living creature before. Sure I've seen deer in Wilderness, Turkeys at Indian Caves, and possums, skunks, and coons, all over the place night riding. And sometimes they don't move off the trail very fast. Usually a bunny hop over them makes um scatter into the brush.
I've heard of suicide animals ( people always tell the story of something they hit)
Well, I'm cruzin at 17-20 mph on the trail and round the bend by some trees and a group of squirrels 3-4 of them freak out and scatter, and one goes right into my Rolf Vector comp front wheel.
He didn't come out in one piece.
yeah I know kinda gross, but I'll bet I've still got hair in the front wheel if I look close enough.
This little guy blew apart in two pieces. I nearly went over the bars cuz he didn't go through the front fork as nice as I would have expected.
You'd think a fast little creature that can balance on a wire, skip across the top of your back yard picket fence. Something agile enough of guyco to make a good commercial about dodging oncoming cars could avoid my slow ass. but nope, he went in, up around then said hello to bladed spoke and carbon fork.
well at least it was a quick death, cuz he didn't move when I stopped to check it out. On the way home it wasn't there either, something had him for lunch.
well that's my story
and I'm stickin to it.
thanks for offering me a place to write about riding bikes in Lincoln, and stupid stories to waste time at lunch.


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