Friday, June 25, 2004

Where in the world is Ricci Soto? you never know, cuz he's from the future :)

hey cvo,

thanks for the heads-up on the blog. it looks great. i haven't been doing a whole lot aside from working as much as possible. but i guess there are a few things that might be worth mentioning. i really wish that i had a digital camera so that i could post some pictures and show you guys what it's like out here. i haven't done any mtn biking since i've been here, but then again, it's been pretty fuckin wet since i arrived. one of the guys i work with tells me that mtn biking doesn't really happen until summer and even then it's a limited window of opportunity. not because there's a shortage of trails, there's tons of trails, but because this is just a wet part of the world and things get really sloppy 'round here. lots of hills though and there's good road biking if you want it. too bad i don't like road biking that much. i did see clarke last weekend at mt snow, vermont. damn, i need a digital camera! that would've been great to post some pictures of good ol lincoln boy Clarke working for the pros under the answer/manitou tent. anyway, thanks again, i'll see what i can dig up.


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