Monday, June 07, 2004

Yeah I'm gonna ride that

Well shit Lincoln
One of my friends started a blog, so I decided to do the same,
cept, he's all smart and shit,
and I'm dumb as a rock. I've got bad grammar, bad spelling, and I'm loosin brain cells daily. ( and 99% of you will never know who I am )
and for those of you who do know me, shut the fuck up. Being anonymous has it's privledges when you really want to rant and rave
The reason for starting this shit is to post illegal stuff we do, and not get caught doing it or get in trouble for it.
It's not fun doing illegal stuff and not let anyone know you did it. Hell, it don't even got to be illegal just some stupid and fun stuff. You know the kinda stuff that republicans around here would look at you and think ( stupid punks, damn hippies, crazy kids, and what not.)

This is gonna be about biking. freeriding. beerdrinking,
and whaterver else we decide to rant about.
we'll probably talk some shit about a few people and hold up others like they are gods, until they as well piss me off and I talk some shit about them too.

myself and some of my colleges ( told you I had bad spellin ) my boys and I have noticed you can't write in stories about just biking to any of the,local web sights about biking around here, Everyone who runs them is to busy to sit there night after night and post riding stories for people who want to, well post riding stories. Plus they are all mostly just about the race that week, not about freeriding, or beer rides, or just stories of what riding means to ya.

so this one is for you guys Lincoln
if you wana post, add a comment, or get ahold of
they can help you out
lets see, it's gettin damn hot here in Lincoln, and the skeeders are out. One of my boys was out in the park (wilderness) doing some trail work cuttin back the nettles and pickin up wood from the storm and the skeeders were eatin him alive, he and his dog are probably still scratching.

If you'll notice there is a lot more water out there, you can't ride the new jump section anymore,( you know the one the thugs are building ) that's a straight up quote from another hmm, we'll call him a local legend with excellent bike taste and a good eye for color, anyhow, there has got to be about 4-6 feet of water in that shit

well they may be thugs, but they have one ounce of saving grace, they built some shit to ride to make riding around here funner. thugs or not, that's fucking cool. (but they are dip shits, if you knew them like I do, you'd nod your head in agreement) I'll tell the story if anyone post and wants to know.

well, now the jumps are, well for the next few weeks dock jumps into a mosquito breeding ground.

I'll have to ride the ol steed out there and see if Nic's playland is surrounded by a moat.
Nic, and his boys have been hookin up the ultimate playgound for bmxers. shit you aint riding on no 26 or 29 inch mountain bike. Big shit you see in videos and shit. I gotta give that boy some props, except. If you have the ultimate secrect sight to do crazy stuff, and you want to keep it a secret. don't tell the local paper about it for a big picture spread and story in the Sunday paper. (not the smartest move)

well, I need some whisky. and my dog wants to take a shit, so do I.
time to bust out the bar cruzer ( ol single speed cruiser ) you know the kind you can leave outside the bar and people are scared to steal it. cuz it could break at any time and you'd just leave it there and stumble home. I think I can hold this log off until I get down to the brass rail (one of my favorite Lincoln bars). That's the best bar to take a shit in, cuz it don't matter if you hit the bowl or not, and puke comes off shoes just by walkin in grass. and the underage chicks, well they'll go home with anyone that buys them enough sex on the bitches.... damn did I say that, well gotta go.
this dick aint gonna suck itself....

oh, one more thing, you want to post up here cool, no problem, I'll put it up word for word, leave a comment, do what you will.
get ahold of the guys through the profile page's e-mail. they'll hook you up with the 411
but if you know who I am.
shut the fuck up....

some kid with a bike and a computer


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