Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Don't even really need to photoshop your face on dude. You already look like Hincapie. Ceptin' your a golf bitch. Heheh! Posted by Hello


Blogger scott showen said...

haha...i was just thinking that the other day....haha

July 20, 2004 at 3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got to watch the tour from the comfort of my apartment today thanks to the local cable company picking up OLN for free for the week. Pretty cool!
Bob Roll..i think that is how you spell it...That guy fucking cracks me up. He seems so thought provoking when he talks with his hands and speaks of mullets. I also like his trek commercials. I think he is my newest favorite cycling celebrity. Peace


July 20, 2004 at 9:15 PM  
Blogger c_c_rider said...

Speaking of the TdF, is anyone else bummed that its gonna be another cake walk for Lance? What was with Riis (CSC director sportif) having Voigt chase down Ulrich (stage 15, tues)???? Did Lance pay off CSC or what? If Lance wanted to show how big his left nut is he should have chased down Jan himself. Oh well, I just was hoping for a more competitive race. BTW, .. CVO... err.. Hincapie did a great job pacing the other day in the mountains.

later man

"If Eddy Merckx had competed only in the Tour de France, he would have won it 15 times." - Bernard Hinault

July 21, 2004 at 1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That other Scott says:

Basso brought him back because he wants a podium place. He doesn't want to compete with both Ullrich and Kloden so he's keeping the time gap in the mountains while he can. So what if Postal doesn't have to attack. Too bad all the other teams can't sustain an attack.

However, one crash by Lance and Postal is dead in the water. That's what happens with all the eggs in one basket. Plus, if Postal lose this race, that's it. It's what they've focused on and if they don't succeed, that's a lot of money and effort down the tubes.

As far as focusing on just the Tour and not competing seriously in other endeavors... That's the team's choice. If Merxcks on Hinault wanted to focus on the TdF, they could've if they would have had the backing. Sour grapes, eh?

July 21, 2004 at 6:50 AM  
Blogger c_c_rider said...

No sour grapes man. Basso and CSC were just riding for a lousey podium place. I say if you are just riding for a place on the podium then you might aswell go home. Ride to win, and if you blow up miserably on a stage trying to attack and you lose 10 min well then atleast you tried and showed some guts. That day Riis should have let Armstrong and his team chase down Ullrich's attack, that way they would have used up some energy and maybe revealed some weakness. Then Basso could have tried a counter attack later. Oh well... didn't happen.
Pro-cycling has changed alot since the early '90s. Greg LeMond was the last of the guys who would ride more than one big tour a year, and do so competitively. After Greg survived the hunting accident he never came back as before, and therefore he knew he would have to focus just one the TdF. Indurain, Armstrong, they are the best riders in July of the last 14 years. Before them were truely the best ever: LeMond, Hinault, Fignon, Merckx and other guys before... these were the men who raced ALL SEASON LONG. They wanted to win a WC, Milan San Remo, Flanders, Paris Roubaix, a Tour, AND the Tour of Lombardy or other fall classic. Back then one would truely know without question who was the best that year, and not just in July. These were the days before million dollar contracts. They HAD to race all year, because they didn't get much money. I'd like to see Lance race the Giro and Tdf and ride competitively in Paris Roubaix and Tour of Lombardy in the same year (like LeMond did many times). But any American team with a US sponser only cares about the TdF, and that really sucks.

July 27, 2004 at 3:18 AM  

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