Sunday, July 11, 2004


well, I had Friday night off, shortstop went to bed early and I headed downtown to troll for a bartending shift. and I got one.

It ended up being so good of a shift I was able to buy 4 pairs of socks (Martini socks, Corona, Dos Equies, and Wonder bread) and finaly,

pay off my shop bill.

It is so nice not owing Cycle Works money. Going out to the garage and seeing my bike. oh, it's sooo nice.

I have it purdy rough, nice job with good folks at Bud. and a great job with killer $ at the bar. I'd quit my bud job though, just to be a bartender 4/5 nights a week (but i don't think that will ever happen). I think it's the job I was made to do, too bad the wife would never let that happen. "you can't be in your 40's bartending to a bunch of kids downtown all night" can you? hmm (staff at duffy's, zoo) too bad the bar doesn't have a 401 k, otherwise I'd probably do it.

Man, I thought it was gonna rain today. or at least last night.
I wonder how the racers are doing today.
drink lots boys,
it's a hot one out there.

I'm sure we'll get Scotty to throw down the 411 for us a little later tonight after his Lactic coma.

well I've got a promise to keep.

I promised my wife that I'd go swimming and lounge at the pool with her, if I hit after hours last night. I got my ass handed to me in video golf by Alex, buck a hole and I lost 15. damn, me and my big mouth.

oh well, ( I have to decide between star city shores, Woods pool, or driving to the new pool in seward ?) hmmm?

like I said, i've got it purdy rough.


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