Saturday, July 03, 2004

VIVA LA TOUR... or something like that, #6?

Will history be made in our lifetime,
will the man LA make it to #6
will his apointment with destony be cancled by Hamilton?
by Ulrick (man every time I think of Jan, I instantly hear techno in my head and think about him on X, scary)
How many stages will Pitachi win
will the lion king fade into the background, or will he rise again to the roar of a finsh line crowd?
Will Roberto Haras even be a threat? Mayo?
Will Baden Cook win the green again. Where the hell is Zabel?
Will Levi be a factor this year (RABOBANK!!!) man I love RABOBANK
and what about BOBBY?
what about the new team time trial rule, no team can loose over 2 1/2 min? fuck that man. you should drop like a rock if you can't swim with the big boys.
oh, oh, oh,
wait, I have to go change my shorts.
DAMN, nothing in life makes me (you) want to ride more than watching the Tour De France.
did you know I met Bob Roll in Vegas and he was shitfaced. and was gonna get even worse if he could find a bottle of red wine or two, man, i wana go to interbike again just to party with that guy.

ok, guys lets see if I can make this link thingy work.
the best tour web sight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll say Julich.

Man, those Confidis guys are cursed.

July 6, 2004 at 7:41 AM  

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