Tuesday, August 24, 2004

ah, mondays

I think Jesse went out to Platte today, maybe he'll tell us how it is out there, and whats left to be done, (hint hint) I don't think I'm gonna make it out there with you guys on Tuesday night, the wife has got a few chores for me.

Scotty, Dirty, & his little lady showed up at the bar tonight. But nobody else took advantage of the beer offer, (I lied earlier, tall boys came in today, nice)

Woggs is steppin up to the plate for Monday bartender, & I've got a full month of Mondays trainin him. I'm stoked, Woggs is gonna make one speedy frikin bartender & then I'll get to sooner or later work with him on a busy weekend night. Sooner or later someone will burn out or retire, and then, bam weekend woogsarama.

wow, do you all know what that means?

I've always had the, one free beer on me, invetation laid out there when I open. Now a whole month of them. Hope some of you take advantage. speekin of beer (drink beer now)

(Scotty, I owe you a beer wednesday night when we go golfin.)
hey, you ever played the jim aeger short course? I've ridden my bike through it many times, but never golfed it. That thing can't take more than an hour, and it's cheep, maybe if I get all my chores done for the wife, I might slip over there for a few holes Tuesday.

hmmmm. gotta keep excersizing somehow, and the wife does have aerobics late, hmmmm.
(I'll call ya dude.)

well it's gettin late, 2:30 am
I'm almost out of beer,
And, I've got a full day at the sign shop bustin my ass for Chad for lettin me head out early today, It's sweet now Nate, We've networked everthing together in the room, and now ole Chad is grovin me into the OKI data world. (your the only one who gets any of that I'm sure)

like how I just single folks out in the middle of this blog. (well, tuff shit Butchy, your just gonna have to deal with it, turtle lover.)


Blogger mg said...

this 'aint jesse, but he (and we) did go to platte last night. mw, the chapmons (that's right, plural) and i got 001 done cleared out, 'n jp and the chads got about 3/4 way through yunto. basically ruthies backyard and the remainder of yunto are the most urgent things that need to be done.

all of that walking last night really messed with my banged up toe, so i'm not going to be able to go out tonight, even if others still do. i'd be happy to lend someone my weed eater if they want to take it out.

may the force be with you...

August 24, 2004 at 6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're god damn right we went to platte monday. 3 weed eaters, 2 idiots sticks, 2 mccoulds, and a 12 pack of miller high life in full effect. we got about half-way done so it will take another night of whacking. it's super dry/sandy out there so this rain will be good for something. afterwards, we drove to 'round the bend steakhouse in south bend but it was closed. that didn't stop us in our quest for greasy bar food. we headed south on 310 to the bulldog bar & grill in murdock for the_ monday night special _ while we ate omelettes, hash browns, pancakes, bacon and ice cream the bar hag told us about the ATM machince heist from the elmwood co-op as she poured us shots. tuesday might be too muddy to get shit done so if you're reading this you betta axe someone.

August 24, 2004 at 7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah, that's some mighty fine work there boys, mighty fine.

Thankyou, I'm sure everyone who rides there for the rest of the year is really gonna apreciate it.

any luck gettin ahold of magic for wilderness?

August 24, 2004 at 7:25 AM  

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