Monday, August 23, 2004

Me, and my little buddy Justin. he must have known I was going golfin all day cuz he wanted some hang time with dad. I got in 45 holes since friday night, yup 45 holes, all at the highlands (best public course in town I'd say) 9 twighlight with Scotty and Collin on Friday. 9 with my dad on Saturday (he hasn't golfed in over 10 years, I got him back into it for a little father son bonding time) 9 sunday morning with Alex and Larkin, and then 18 an hour later with Parker and Collin again. Yeah, you can talk all the crap you want about how golfin is easy and shit. But you carry your bag and walk 27 holes in a day in 90 degree heat, I haven't been this sore since I raced Hitchcock last year. Speaking of "the hell of the midwest, how'd everyone do who's reading this? Lets hear the stories. And what about all the hang time with good ole Clark? How was the shin dig the other night at Nate's? Big cat said he saw the Manitou rig in GI. Posted by Hello


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