Tuesday, August 31, 2004

So, this is what compromise is about hu,

Well, I'm loosing my work bench in the garage, Shortstop wants to put both cars in the garage witch is elliminating my work space,
I've got to take out my permanent bench and put it on super hinges so it can flip up and down. small garage, need space
and I'm gettin rid of the radial arm saw.
but, my wife is letting me get the 600 dollar dewalt compound saw
doesn't take up as much room, and I can haul it around to wherever I want, the bar (barstool open golf hole design) or to work for whatever bud needs built.
and wills, it makes it a lot easier for you to come over and borrow. Open invitation still bud, whenever you need it, I'll let you come over and drool on it when I get it. just waiting for that home depot no intrest no payments for a year sale. keep you eyes open for me guys.

if you don't know what a compound saw is . then you never will. (or the many bennifits of said machine.
If you do know what I'm talking about, you know to be stoked for me.
and when the wife gets and see's the garage all neat and clean. I may get some, (keep your fingers crossed for me.)
hell between the garage, and renting 50 first dates, I bound to at least make her happy.

happy enough to let me play golf all weekend.

(dude, it's a give and take thing.)
peace, cvo
sorry, i'm outa ideas for to make the blog interesting, shit
how many of you have access,

where the hell you all at?


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