Monday, September 06, 2004

Damn, I hate to post, just cuz that picture goes down the screen further

I could look at that shot all day.
and the guy in the cart. I'll bet he could as well.

Well, the first annual Bricktop labor day golf invitational was a success.

Woggs, Parker, Larken, Lex, D.A. Dave, (districk attorney) Mike Fisher (Fisher foods) Dr. Collin. (dr, in softwear design) Dj. Johnny black, Dubs (I.s saloon.)
quite the field of folks.
it was sweet.
18 holes at highlands, started at about 9:50 went till 3pm.
headed to pioneers,
and 18 more,
walked the first 18,
carted the 2nd 18
lots of bud's
couple shots of jim beam for me
Capt. morgan for Parker and the rest of the crew. both bottles were empty before the end of the day.

dude, it was sooooo sweet.

here it is.
2nd annual Bricktop golf invitaltional BI-annual.
memmorial day weekend.
36 holes of golf,
12 hours of racing.

it's the cvo Iron man.
catch the feavor.

think I'm fucking around? I'll see you Memorial day weekend at sun up to tee off, and if your tough enough,
we'll have drinks at midnight racin at B-oak.


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