Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Johnny mohawk is going golfin with me.
my old man called me and cancled tonight (damn you)
so I needed someone to go golfin with thursday morning,
I made a 7:30 am tee time,
and I'm not gonna break it.
even if John doesn't go with me I still want to go.
But having a beer after work with Chad after a 11 1/2 hour day, Chad did 12 hours
we ran into John and had some suds with him, and I was able to talk him into it.
Man, I love hangin out with that guy.
and If I get to go golfin with him, that's gonna be sweet.
that may convince some of you to pick up your clubs and come out as well

WHAT !!!!
two sports, well, golf is actualy a game not a sport in my book.
do something other than ride a bike......
no, i won't have anything to do with that.
but some dude out on the course with a mowhawk, that's gonna send some other old dude into a tailspin of bad shots.
I sooooo hope he flies the hawk.
look for pics later in the day folks.

and don't be so uppidy about shit, everyone has something they like to do other than turn the peddles over hour after hour after hour after hour. oh, i'm sorry did I bore you?
like getting bored on your bike after two hours?
Damn, have a sence of hummor.

get out and enjoy what the planet has to offer dude. don't get yourself into a rut.


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