Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I really wanted to start a golf blog, just so I could keep up with all the shit talk about me golfin.
but it totaly locked up this bad boy, so it had to go.
ah well, it was for a joke anyway.

oh well. fuck it.
I'll just have to talk about what ol cvo does here.

sooner or later someone will probably complain that I talk about bartending here.

And damn, last night was the shit.
I got hit on soooo much, there were at least 3 chicks that I could have hooked up with. I never really pay any attention to girls or guys who hit on me at the bar (I try to work it a little for the tip but that's as far as it ever goes, and I tell my wife everything. She incourages me to be a flirt. it helps out with how much money she gets at the end of the night.
I've been in the bartending buisness for nearly 10 years now, and I've never hooked up with anyone other than my wife (and we've been together for 8-9 years)
basicly what I'm sayin is I'm trustworthy, I'll play it as far as I can. And it never goes past the line. (there is no grey area, it's a black and white line, very defined and you know when your getting close, and then I stop, I'll never cross it.) I love being able to tell hot chicks they are hot,
it's a reall good fealing.

Yeah, ole Grace is really hot,
PHD in bottony running a green house in Virginia (and she hates it)
loves the 80's and 80's night at the bricktop.
she used to be a regular until she moved.
now I get to hang with her cool sisters who are dating a couple of the regs.
and she is the biggest flirt. oh, her poor boyfriend in wisconson.

well, it was a fun night,
I made good dough, enough to cover my damn diversions class for speeding and play golf tomorow night.
flirted with a few of my favorite ladies.
and took my georgous wife home some extra spending money.
and told here all about my exploits.

yeah, not a whole bunch about ridein,
and not a whole bunch about golf either.
but then what are you gonna do.


oh, I'm really sorry about the destruction of the golf blog
I know your all bummed.


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