Thursday, September 02, 2004

well, after a day of bad news, I did get some good news. Home Depot is having their sale. Shortstop gave me the green light to get my new 600.00 De Walt compound saw. I have to give the radial arm back to dad, to make room in the garage. But Sunday I'm going for it. I'm also gonna hook up a new blade for the table saw Wills. Dad and I are going golfing sometime on Saturday, and then we'll head to Seward to drop off the Radial Arm. Not much else is going on. 116.00 dollar ticket this morning. That is gonna blow a sunday of golf going to diversions for 8 hours. But I'd rather pay the 60 bucks for stop class than that bill. I totaly blame this on my father (I can place blame wherever I want in my own mind) If he hadn't cancled on me, I wouldn't have talked Mohawk into golf. Instead of taking Mohawk home after golf I would have driven down supierior and missed the speed trap all together. Why take blame for my own lead foot when I can put it somewhere else just for the sake of a laugh. Hell If I would have been in the wife's Altima, I'd have been going WAY over the speed limit and probably wouldn't have gotten the stop class optioin. Hell I'd be in jail. The way that cop walked out into traffic and how fast I would have been going. I'd have run him right over. Maybe I should ride my bike more. cvo Posted by Hello


Blogger scott showen said...

man that sucks about the ticket...

are you planing on making something when you get your new saw ??

September 2, 2004 at 5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

naw, I just want it.
I've got plans for stuff in the future, exspansion onto the deck, cabnets for the garage, the wife wants a frame. But nothing on the burner for right now. It will be nice just having the room. And having a big portable saw like that, you never know what I might build. But with all that, I can get my wood shop into the Honda. Table saw back seat, Dewalt front seat, trunk full of and tools and wood. Plus all the room on the floor. I'll have one hell of a shop for the next bar stool open.
And now I've got a bunch of friends who know who to call when they need to borrow a tool, or need something built. Hell I still gotta get Chad a cd rack. And you all know Chad, that's gonna be one hell of a large cd rack. Plus having something that durable and nice, you don't have to worry about loaning it out to your buds and it breaking, that shit just don't break.

September 3, 2004 at 12:04 AM  

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