Friday, September 03, 2004

Yeah, I rode my bike today, damn straight

Well, the ol cvo got on his steed again today.
you stay away long enough, and you almost have an orgasim when you ride after a long break.
(uh, don't tell my wife I said that)

but I did ride out to wilderness tonight. Did the log ride, still safe and sturdy, Went through the fitness loop and cleared the balance beam. (that thing is much more dangerouse than our log ride) Then headed out to pioneers for a little easy peddling. Then off to work at the top, dead night tonight.
kinda sucked.
but I had that fealing about tonight, 3 day weekend usualy starts off slow. but Friday at the door, Saturday tending and sunday tending should be enough to come up with green fee's for monday and beer. Plus a little left over for the little woman.
and my frickin 60 dollar stop class, (mother fucker, damn, I suck, and I totaly deserve it too)
53 in a 40
yep, the honda is gonna be my coffin,
I need to make me a sticker.
really big
right across my font windown in the tint area
in etched glass vynly (sorry about the spelling nate)


man that would make people laugh.
maybe in white on my yak rak visor. hmmm?
anyone else want one for their car?

could be the new rave?
damn, i gotta go to bed


Blogger Sarah said...

Hey, I've been on that fitness loop and gone out to Pioneers a couple of times on the Bison Trail. I ride up the Salt Creek trail from West O. Damn if I don't run over Lincoln transients all the time. Usually smell em before i see em.

So where is your bar? I am planning on hitting a few for the game today. Don't worry about me -- I'm a happy camper -- just gotta get the bad stuff out.

September 4, 2004 at 8:08 AM  
Blogger c_c_rider said...

Ya man, I'd put that on my car for sure. If you get some made up I'll buy one.

and the rest of you guys, check out my blog:

September 6, 2004 at 12:21 AM  

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