Sunday, September 05, 2004

Your mom called, she says to bring over more beer.

So, who's all going to the caves, and who's plannin on taking the camper ride with the crew? I have to drive seperate, can't get out of work. but i'll be there. and I'll be camping overnight saturday night. ( At least I don't think I can get out of work) Wogs is going to Jackson hole for a month and 1/2 and I've got to cover all his door & barback shifts fridays and sundays for a month. Damn, good cash, bad on the sleep.

Hey, did Jesse Peterson die? I didn't get any crazy links to boobs these past two weeks
now there is a real wtf.

oh, shit,
Next weekend is the capitol city crit. And I've got to go to stop class. I guess I could go to stop class on saturday. But that is the annual father son golf day. hmmm, lawn chair, 40, shades, air horn, crit? or stop class. desicions desicions...


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