Saturday, June 12, 2004

How was Ponca? anyone, anyone,

Mt.Elden, Flagstaff AZ

Another day another ride. This one was a good un too.

Got up early again, made coffee got my snacks together and went downstairs to meet my buddy Tim. Drove over to Jim's and took off towards Flagstaff. The ims are damn good guys. I have been lucky to meet these guys and be asked to ride with them as much as i do. They are pretty good. Tim was a cat2 roadie and rode a bit in Europe. Doesn't really matter as far as that goes we all can keep up with each other which is the most important thing.

Phoenix to Flagstaff appx 2.15 hours. Good drive, really pretty desert scenary, but i was tired of seeing the desert and couldn't wait to get into the mountains.

The San Fransico peaks hover to the north of the little, but growing town of Flagstaff. Found the trailhead changed and took off on the bikes. Mt. Elden has about a zillion and one trails. The locals probably know better loops, but ours didn't turn out too bad. We took the lower eldman to the elden lookout road that came close to the summit at about 9300 ft. Our start was appx 7200 ft. So a decent amount of gain over the trail. Backsided the mtn taking the sunset trail through the hobbit forest (i love that name) and after that i am not real sure, but we ended up looping back to our truck. As most of you know that ride a bit with me i am usually completely lost, unless i have riden the area 10+ times. Ask Dirty; when we where on bike tour i had no frickin clue where i was for a month and a half.

Thoughts of Flagstaff riding: talk about some bitchin trails. Really good mtn trails. Lots of fun jumps and bumps and crazy sections and little drops. Lots of speed on the decents variable trails, but in pretty good shape. They have really good signage so you can't really get lost if you are paying attention (which i wasn't)Great climbing sections good views on the whole a worthwhile trip if you got a week and want to camp and ride you wouldn't be bored at all. Plus, Flagstaff has some brew pubs and a good night life so you can go out and get drunk and jump back onto your bike ride to your campsite and pass out.

I am pretty tired. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Meanwhile on the other side of the pond

Cyclists are being advised to paint eyes on top of their helmets after an angry buzzard attacked more than 20 riders on a country road.

The RSPB says the dive-bombing bird of prey, which has swooped on cyclists around Holsworthy, Devon, could be scared off by the eyes.

All 22 competitors in two long-distance cycle races at the weekend were attacked at the same spot.

Retired toolmaker Paul Dixon, 71, North Devon secretary of the Cyclists’ Touring Club, has also fallen victim to the buzzard.

He recalled: “The bird whooshed out of the sky, banging me on the head. I got three nasty scratches on the head and blood was pouring out.”

Mr Dixon, of Barnstaple, Devon, returned to the scene, on the A3072 between Brandis Corner and Anvil Corner, yesterday and was attacked again.

He said: “I had only got about 100 yards when it came out of the sky. It left three big holes in my helmet where his claws had been.

“Two were hovering when one spotted me and followed me along the road.

“Then it pulled back its wings and dive-bombed.”

RSPB spokeswoman Emma Parkin said buzzard attacks were “very unusual” but had been reported at the same place last year

She added: “Presumably there must be young somewhere around. Within a few weeks it will be all right because they will have flown the nest.”

She said cyclists were advised either to avoid the area or to paint a pair of eyes on their helmet or an umbrella as a warning sign to the buzzard.

But Mr Dixon joked that he had another idea. “I suggested putting a big spike on your head.”

Friday, June 11, 2004

you should have smelled it.  Posted by Hello

Having a beer break on the bridge, the deep woods off was still effective enough here to have one. This is my saturday night fever poss, ( damn, I really am a skinny fuck ) Posted by Hello

Chad in the background in the snort Jersey, Budweiser in hand, Thad getting skeeder proof  Posted by Hello

Ah, wilderness park :)

Man how I miss riding my bike in wilderness. Just cruzin with some buddies after a few cold buds in the garage. Thad, and Chad and I went out and had a good time tonight. We road over and did the log ride right off, and then backtracked through the exercise loop. Then over to Pioneers entrance, out to the 14th street rail road mid point bridge, and back on the hiker side. Dear god the mosquitoes are bad. damn, we totally doused ourselves in deep woods off, and still if you stopped you were instantly attacked. On the hiker side right before the Old Cheney entrance, pre bridge, it gets so bad, I'll bet the skeeders are cannibalistic it's so thick. We had to stop so Chad could vomit some type of bug up. Poor guy, but I've been there. You can just imagine the little varmit, spread eagle in your thought yelling up at you, " I ain't goin down asshole, puke me back out BIATCH."

I wish we would have packed lights though so we could have ridden the whole trail back. We dropped out onto the rock Island on 14th and Old Cheney and took that back home.

I think it's time to put the light on the Palimino and head down to Yia Yia's for a slice maybe, and a Guinness, sit outside and do some Friday night bar crawl people watching.

So you reading this.
Why don't you send me some biking stories people.
send them to the e-mail on the blog sight, and a photo or two, I'll post it as soon as I check it. Or send it to my other E-mail.
You don't want to just read about my bike rides, they can get purdy lame.
talk with ya tomorrow folks.

ah woogs,  Posted by Hello

This is my good friend Big Catt, (Matt H) we worked at cycle works for a few years together now he's wrenchin at Wayne's cyclery in Grand Island Ne, about 75 miles to the west of Lincoln. Big Catt also works the door at Bricktop in Lincoln with me. He's all about the good love and listening to some wsp. part of the Yellow bike club. oh the Yeti. Our boy John B is getting married tomorow so we're cruzin up to omaha to send him off into the arms of his girl Abby.  Posted by Hello

CVO, dude your number 1 Posted by Hello

Dirt Bagin' it in the USA Posted by Hello

Me and Slaven cooking acid in the forest. Posted by Hello

MMMM beer! Posted by Hello

Why are there so many songs about Rainbows? Posted by Hello

Slaven early in the morning Posted by Hello

Guest: AZ Butch

CVO asked me to write some stuff on the blog. I said, "okay CVO i would love to because i have so much time on my hands that all i do is ride my bike, look at porn, and tan my slim phast abs by the pool.

I don't know if any of you got to look at my mini-keg that i brought back with me to Nebraska, but it is pretty tight. I hide it underneath my shirt. Oh i fooled you those are my slim phast abs. HAh HAh!!:)

No seriously, this morning i got up at 4:50 in the am. Now my usually awakening hour (not counting when katie gets up and i make her coffee and shit) is around 10:30-12:00. I have found though that when you wake up at 12noon in Phoenix, AZ. it is fucking hot out. I mean Nebraska is hot and humid right, like 95 with 100% humidity and your underwear stick to your ass all day because you can't keep them dry cuz your sweating and stuff so much, but AZ is 110 degrees outside some days. That is around the same temperature that it is on Uranus.
Back to the story, so i wake up and get my riding stuff together and my riding buddy Tim picks me up and we drive 20 miles so that we can get 15 miles from my house (you do the math the I-17 is fucked up) No parking spots at the trailhead because everyone thinks they have to drive to the trail to go for a walk. What the fuck? I mean i rode with my buddy, but only because he told me that it was "too far" to ride from my house to the trailhead. If i would have been smart enough to get out a map i probably would have beat them to the trailhead. (Sorry, i just don't get that shit)Plus, i am dumb so its my fault for not just riding there.

We get a parking spot and get the bikes out. Shoot the shit, my other buddy Jim shows up. Now this is where it gets complicated. One of the guys name is Jim and the other is Tim. Got it. Both cool guys. I don't hold it against one of them that he is a cop. Now i don't go smoking behind the trees when i ride with him either, (there aren't trees on the trails) i just stand right by him and puff puff give. Just kidding.

We take off and ride this trail that is pretty dope. It is called trail 100 if you look it up on MTBR they will probably rate it a 4-5 star which is bullshit because it isn't that good, but it is comparable with wilderness.(no offense to be taken towards wilderness. I would rate that shit a 10 plus, but it is different) It is the "in town" riding spot that is challenging, but not too challenging.
We tear it up, they both have full suspension bikes. I am on the gunnar gettting my ass pounded because it is so rocky and bumpy. (Salvation=Kona King Kikapu)Do some jumps and get some air, gett pretty rad if you know what i mean. Oh man it was sweet. We rode 20 miles or so and did the end to end of the trail.

Got done riding at 9:30 or so got some Rock Star and went home. Bought some tubes(half price coupon) went to the Organic Market bought one sack of groceries and a phat new t-shirt. That is my day so far.

Tomorrow: Mt. Elden in Flagstaff. Is said to be the "best" riding in AZ. 7 mile climb that dumps out into the "jedi Trail" I heard its dope! Can't wait.


Anyone wana go to wilderness tonight June 11th

I'm in the mood to ride, anyone wana go?
most of you who read this know my phone # give me a call
or post a comment with a time you wana go, between 8-9ish?

Oooooohhh, I gotcha... Your #1 won, big winner. That's to all you adultrators out there. Posted by Hello

Tempted ?

Oh, I so love working at a bar.
the cash is nice, the guys I work with are the coolest. And you always get stories. OH THE STORIES. It's almost too bad the wife and I arn't gonna have kids, cuz the stories I could pass down, oh the stories.

Well anyway sometimes I don't use my head for anything other than a hat rack (thanks for that saying dad) and I'm so glad this blog lets me go back and edit stuff, or I'd have people beating the shit out of me sooner or latter.
My good friend Chad, (acting as my attorney, this morning I gave him power of attorney for shits and giggles) advised me to be as vague as possible, but go ahead and talk my shit.
Don't you just hate married guys that fuck around on there wives. I'm happily married and love it. Don't get married if your gonna let some ho suck your dick at the bar. (and that's all I'm gonna say)
I didn't say who, or where, or when. But the bar is a rumor mill and sooner or latter it's gonna come out. You can't take a shit in a bar without someone knowing what you had for dinner.
If you really want the dirt here, all you gotta do is sit at the bar and have a few, someone will start talking.
So to the guy who got his dick sucked, if your reading this and you get mad, FUCK YOU, you deserve it, dumbass. Have some respect for your wife asshole.
from cvo

So, you been here yet? WELL GET THERE it's way fuckin cool. good job Nate & congratulations. I'm sure we're gonna see many years of the Monkey Wrench downtown.  Posted by Hello

Ah, John Koats, love workin with this guy. Johns the top dog at Cycle Works. He's cool as shit, Best Foosball player I've ever seen. Go ahead talk shit, I'll tell him, and you'll end up with a little foosball up your ass after he mops the floor with you at the bar. bet. Bribable with Old Style or a Jagerrater. Posted by Hello

This is Sam, Shnider. We worked together with Tony Toth at Sheils, Sam then got a Gt zr3000 full 105 and was riding the crap out of it when he took off for AZ. Now he's over Flying combat missions in Iraq. We wish him all the best, and pray he stays safe.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Mountain Bikers Push Congress at IMBA Summit

The 2004 IMBA Summit peaked June 7 with a momentous day on Capitol Hill and
unmatched energy to fuel mountain biking's future.

The gathering attracted mountain biking leaders to the Washington, D.C.
region June 4-8 for four days of informative seminars, networking, volunteer
training, awesome riding, parties, celebrity guest speakers and political

Attendees spent a full day on Capitol Hill, meeting with their U.S.
representatives, senators and staff to introduce IMBA and key mountain
biking issues. The effort builds on IMBA's increased activity and leadership
in our nation's capital - the place where key trail management decisions are

"There's no question this was a groundbreaking event," said IMBA executive
director Tim Blumenthal. "The halls of Congress were crawling with mountain
bikers. We led more than 140 face-to-face meetings with government leaders
and their staff. Our people were concise, professional and credible
advocates for mountain biking. IMBA's network is more talented and motivated
than ever. We've got unprecedented momentum."

Participants included many of IMBA's volunteer reps, key federal land
managers from the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, BLM and U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers, journalists, and leaders of other cycling and
conservation groups.

Racing heroes Marla Streb and Ned Overend spoke at the event and urged their
congressional delegations to support trails and mountain biking.

The Federal Highway Administration's Recreational Trails Program was the
event's leading sponsor, underwriting its educational components. The Bikes
Belong Coalition, Quality Bicycle Products and America Bikes were presenting

More information about the Summit, including workshop summaries and photos
will be posted shortly on the IMBA website.



Jesse you punk ass b-ho. That inter-animal porno shiznit just won't cut it.
 Posted by Hello

dear chris

rawk your fucking ass off...


Dan Kelly hooked up this oldie but goodie for us to reminisce about. If this really was back in 94, I was just getting my first bridgestone mb 5 from Spuck and Dunbar at Deluxe  Posted by Hello

Dear Thad

Please don't give Chad
any more music
like this Daughter Crap,

it sucks..

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

yup, now it's time to go to bed, see ya all later. Posted by Hello

when it's hot outside in AZ, butch has to stay in shape somehow. Posted by Hello

this is me in school Posted by Hello

It's almost like the inspiration for the monkey wrench logo. Posted by Hello

hey, man. you got any glue or spray paint? Posted by Hello

the rewards of building stuff  Posted by Hello

now that's the way to build shit Posted by Hello

Drew and Sara playing foos Posted by Hello