Friday, June 18, 2004

uh, guys, I don't think Platte is gonna be rideable tomorow, so I'm out. After hours tonight anyone? I've got to work till close, maybe I'll see ya out folks cvo.  Posted by Hello

July 2, 2004: Posted by Hello

CVO, it's okay we love you for who you are! Posted by Hello

pic of mitch kline at ponca last weekend participating in another hobby of his. it was a sweet course with lots of poison oak to walk thru!-mw Posted by Hello

more from Jesse

here's your funny of the day:


Not Richard but Dick

Fuckin Dick,
Fuckin up traffic for two days in town.
Fuckin Dick

Mark Savery invites you to Platte

The Saturday ride at Platte

Meet at 7 (wild turkey), on bikes by 7:15, off horse trails by 9, all you can eat breakfast buffet to follow at the lodge.

Don't look like wilderness is gonna be dry for a while guys, Hello mopac dust... Posted by Hello

There are just two many headlines for this pic...but if you don't see JP around anymore, he's gettin his religion back on.....Actually I know a bunch of people that would be down with cult like attendance... Posted by Hello

Pic of Dubbin last night. Dubbin is the ultimate "pimp my ride" guy with his bike, It's totaly pimped, Dub's is so into bike stuff it's so nice talkin bike stuff with him, he hangs on your every word, just absorbing information like a sponge. Dubs is in cahoots with Butch for the Cris King wheel set. Ah everyone reading this who know's King stuff just thought of that nice high pitched freewheel noise....ziiinnnngggggg Posted by Hello

re: Hippies

Touchy, touchy. I thought all you hippies were supposed to be passive and lethargic due to all the resin on the brain. Your anger contradicts you. Shame, shame- you hippies are lame.

ah, beer, I love beer. Well, I sat at the bar last night waiting for it to get busy enough for me to work, ... and I waited,  Posted by Hello

I waited some more, Then I said fuck it and went home, At least I've got tonight to make some dough, I need a bob trailer for my wilderness work, shit aint gonna build itself out there.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 17, 2004


where do you hide money from a hippy? in their work boots.

fucking hippies

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Sorry about doggin on your music Thad, your broddening my musical horizons like you always have. thanks Posted by Hello


you LOVE it cvo. chad- when is the mw site gonna feeneeshed?

Some music from Thad, not quite Van Halen, well not even close (go ahead, talk your shit dude)

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Dumb ass

Explosion smashes Lincoln man's face
By Leah Thorsen

It was an explosion of concrete, not of color.

An explosion heard up to a mile away from Brian Kitten's south Lincoln yard.

An explosion that shot a chunk of concrete into Kitten's face, knocking him out, breaking his jaw and smashing some teeth.

The fireworks show didn't go as planned.

That's why Kitten, co-owner of Brewsky's, was listed in fair condition Monday afternoon at BryanLGH Medical Center West.

On Friday, Kitten was in his yard at 1955 S. Pershing Road, near South 20th and Calvert streets.

About 11 p.m., Kitten tried to fire an artillery fireworks shell from a homemade launcher, which was a five-gallon bucket with concrete on the bottom, police said.

Maybe he incorrectly loaded the shell, which was lit by a long wick, into a tube. Or maybe it got stuck, said Ken Hilger, the city fire inspector investigating the explosion.

Whatever happened, the fireworks - listed as "Class B," meaning they're intended for use at commercial shows - exploded too early.

The blast sent chunks of the bucket and concrete flying in a circle, smashing through a fence, breaking windows in Kitten's house and a neighboring house - and ripping apart Kitten's face.

"He was kind of lucky where he got hit," Hilger said.


A little higher, the concrete would have hit his forehead. A little lower, his neck. Both could have been fatal, he said.

The explosion was so fast that Kitten, standing 20 yards away, couldn't have gotten out of the way. The blast also injured another man's hand.

No permit had been issued to light this type of fireworks at Kitten's house, according to the city's Bureau of Fire Prevention.

No citations had been given out as of Monday afternoon, but Hilger said his investigation was continuing.

No one answered a knock on Kitten's door Monday afternoon, and a woman who answered the phone later didn't want to answer questions.

This wasn't the gunshot-like popping of fireworks heard all over the city during the summer, according to neighbors.

"It sounded like a big explosion," said Donna Sutton, who lives half a block away. "Not like a firecracker, like an explosion."

The bang startled Abe, a 13-year-old cat that lives about five houses away from Kittens' house.

"It got your attention," said Susan Blackman, his owner.

The cat had been lounging on a fireplace hearth before the noisy explosion sent the mild-mannered feline flying from its perch.

She said she didn't know the 40-year-old Kitten, but she hoped such going-ons wouldn't happen again.

"Adults shouldn't be doing this," she said.

Keep um comming Jesse, hey do you know these dumbasses?

Hey, everyone is checking the log rides in wilderness, oops wrong ride officer :(

Lincoln teacher is caught in sex sting

A Lincoln Public Schools teacher was among 13 men arrested or cited last week in an undercover police sting aimed at curbing sex acts in Wilderness Park.

Police cited Richard D. Carpenter, 47, a fourth- and fifth-grade teacher at Lincoln's Norwood Park Elementary School, on suspicion of third-degree sexual assault.

The Seward man asked an undercover police officer to engage in a sex act and then fondled the male officer, police said.

Nancy Biggs, LPS associate superintendent for human resources, said she would investigate the allegations before making a recommendation on the district's action.

Carpenter is not teaching summer school or otherwise in the classroom, so he will not be suspended while she investigates, Biggs said.

Carpenter has worked for the district since 1990. He taught at Belmont Elementary and then at Dawes Middle School before moving to Norwood Park in 1997.

"He is very, very popular with students," Biggs said.

After investigating the charges, Biggs will recommend to the Lincoln Board of Education what Carpenter's job status with the district should be.

He could be terminated. In addition, a report will be given to the state Professional Practices Commission for investigation.

It is a violation of professional standards for a teacher to have a misdemeanor conviction involving sexual misconduct.

Doug Eicher, superintendent of Milford Public Schools, was arrested Friday as part of the same sting. On Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to one count of public indecency.

An investigation is ongoing within Milford's school district.

Eicher, of Milford, was hired as the district's superintendent in December 2001. Before that, he worked for seven years in the Lawrence, Kan., public school system, according to Journal Star archives.

Eicher, 50, does not have a criminal history in Nebraska or Kansas, according to background checks in each state.

If convicted, Eicher could receive up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine. He was scheduled to appear in Lancaster County Court again July 7.
Thanks for the news JP.

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a few jokes from my dad

An elderly lady called her telephone company to report
that when her
friends called, her phone usually failed to ring. On
the occasions when
did ring, her dog, who was tethered in her yard,
always moaned right
the phone rang.
> The telephone repairman proceeded to the scene,
curious to see if
this was
a case of a senile elderly lady or of a psychic dog.
He climbed a
telephone pole, hooked in his test-set, and dialed the
> The phone didn't ring right away. Then, the dog
moaned loudly and the
telephone began to ring. The repairman climbed down
from the pole and,
investigation, discovered the following:
> The dog was tied to the telephone system's ground
wire via a steel
and collar.
> The wire connection to the ground rod was loose.
> The dog was receiving 90 volts of signaling current
when the phone
was called.
> After a couple of jolts, the dog would start moaning
and then urinate
himself and the ground.
> The wet ground would complete the circuit, causing
the phone to ring.
> All of which shows that some problems CAN be solved
by pissing and

Damn Jesse, where did you find this one? Posted by Hello

I'll toast to that one butch, here's one to you, and one to the Mowhak, cheers, cvo Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

This beer is for you Johnny Mohawk! Posted by Hello

Weekly question ?

Well, each week I'll offer up a question and a picture about what this is, or who it is, or something like that. the winner with the most infromation by the timeline given will get a free beer. so, what bike is this and who's? I work Sunday night this week, so you've got till then. Must redeem beer at my bar (sorry outa towners you just get props. Butchy, don't give this away.) Posted by Hello

Jerod hard at work early in the morning at cycle works bike shop. Posted by Hello

Kris and Rick making plans for some un-goddly long road bike ride. I think these two went all the way down to southern Ks to ride back. 300 miles in one day, some call that fun. me, I'd rather be at work, well almost. (have I mentioned how much I hate my road bike)  Posted by Hello