Saturday, June 26, 2004

Chainsaw, quart chain bar lube, 1 gallon gas, weed eater, extra string, knife, branch cutters, "corn knife, aya Chad" dykes, screw driver, cressent wrench, krave bars, 4 water bottes, 20 oz beer, 3 cans back woods with deet cutter/off, extra shoes, umbrella, yep, might rain, rain jacket, (the whole extra tubes pump, regular mountain smith bag internals, with headphones) maybe I'll see ya out there.  Posted by Hello

Jokes from Dad

Little Johnny attended a horse auction with his father. He watched intently
as his father moved from horse to horse, running his hands up and down the
horse's legs, rump, and chest.

After a few minutes, Johnny asked, "Dad, why are you doing that?"

His father replied, "Because I'm thinking of buying this horse. I have to make
sure that she is healthy and in good shape before I buy her"

Johnny, now looking very worried said, "I think we'd better hurry home right

"Why?" said his father. "

"Because, I think the UPS guy wants to buy Mom!!"

John C, on our way out. Posted by Hello

First stop from my house, log ride. John's cherry gets popped.  Posted by Hello

Drew, John and I cruzin through the fitness loop backwards this afternoon. Posted by Hello

big buffalo Posted by Hello

Buffalo at Pioneers, didn't think I'd see buffalo today Posted by Hello

John gets a flat in Pioneers Posted by Hello

Friday, June 25, 2004

Wilderness is dry

Just went through the fitness loop, dry:)

boo hoo

screw you dude. you are stupid and ugly.


i like to post my blogs twice.


i like to post my blogs twice.

bobby and willie

Tuesday- August 31st @ Haymarkey Park- where the saltdogs play- Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. Tickets go on sale July 10th for $45 a piece and kids under 12 get in for free. And of course i'm sure all of you know about the pixies as you SHOULD! who called me a music nazi? motherfucker.

bobby and willie

Tuesday- August 31st @ Haymarkey Park- where the saltdogs play- Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. Tickets go on sale July 10th for $45 a piece and kids under 12 get in for free. And of course i'm sure all of you know about the pixies as you SHOULD! who called me a music nazi? motherfucker.

Time to fix Wilderness

Anyone wana go with MW and I to cut back Wilderness this weekend.
We're heading out 9-10 ish to the W 1st street parking lot.
your responsible for supplying your own tools unless you
get ahold of me for extra supplies.
Weed Eaters ( I have extra string )
wacker sticks
bug spray, -- bring your own, deep woods off or suffer through months of west nile :(

you all know how to get ahold of me, or post a comment.

In the white file cabnet, bottom area, inside this tool box. Thanks dude, War axe in the hizzy this weekend.  Posted by Hello

Where in the world is Ricci Soto? you never know, cuz he's from the future :)

hey cvo,

thanks for the heads-up on the blog. it looks great. i haven't been doing a whole lot aside from working as much as possible. but i guess there are a few things that might be worth mentioning. i really wish that i had a digital camera so that i could post some pictures and show you guys what it's like out here. i haven't done any mtn biking since i've been here, but then again, it's been pretty fuckin wet since i arrived. one of the guys i work with tells me that mtn biking doesn't really happen until summer and even then it's a limited window of opportunity. not because there's a shortage of trails, there's tons of trails, but because this is just a wet part of the world and things get really sloppy 'round here. lots of hills though and there's good road biking if you want it. too bad i don't like road biking that much. i did see clarke last weekend at mt snow, vermont. damn, i need a digital camera! that would've been great to post some pictures of good ol lincoln boy Clarke working for the pros under the answer/manitou tent. anyway, thanks again, i'll see what i can dig up.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


sooper-d-dooper good ride tonight. rode out on the mo-flat w/ the donkey and good buddy john w. then did some gravel for a bit. fun. saw a fox on the trail that was neat. cruised back into town and went to o'rourke's for some boulevard stout. good times. this weather is fucking crazy. where were all you hippy's?

News from Jesse, Platte :)

yo bro,

platte is prime. all that work we did in may has paid off big. there are a few horse hoofs on the single track due to an esacaped horse, but not bad when you have 4/4 travel, eh? out of all the places to ride: swanson, lewis & clarke, ponca, wilderness it is by far the cleanest/least amount of growth.

i was planning on either riding out there early saturday morning, or driving out. the section leading down to the bridge (horse trails) is overgrown with weeds. shouldn't take long for one feller to knock them down, but do i want to ride w/ an idiot stick on my back? i guarantee i will eat the breakfast buffet if i end up riding out.


???????????????????????? Posted by Hello

Ok, I'm going to Wilderness, and not to get laid

Going to wilderness Saturday, to do some cutting back, weed eater, lots of bug spray, Jesse, you still got my big bow saw?

spread the word, 9-10 am meet at 1st street entrace, across from the church, by all the man-hollin

I'll be there no matter what, (unless i get hit by a bus) I think i'm gonna try grabbin the war- Ax- bob trailer from dirty.

If not, I'll be in the Honda.

last year pic. the man himself at work at platte. -mw Posted by Hello

hey five! personal call business line one! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

bikes sounding like shotguns

briefly went to wilderness tonight w/ nate, jamie, matt and big bad chad. rode about 1/8th of the fitness loop but then the mud and the mosquitos became to much plus nate was pimping the new explosif and he didn't want it to get mosquito bites. so we headed out on the trail leading to pioneers park. jamie and i were in front then chad was a little ways back then nate and matt were a little ways behind him. we were casually riding along when it sounded like someone took a shot @ us w/ a shotgun. it scared the shit out of me and i swerve almost knocking jamie over. we stop to find out that chad's rear tube exploded- and when i say explode- i mean there was a 3-4 inch hole in the tube. from behind, nate said there was a big poof of white smoke. well, there was also a large gash in the sidewall of chad's rear tire. nate fixed the flat while chad ate a cliff bar. nater used the wrapper from the bar to make a "cliff boot" to cover the hole in the tire. i think at this point we all subconscuiosly admitted to ourselves that perhaps the ride was never meant to be. so, he headed to yia yia's for slices and beers. i ate mine the same way the fucking mosquitos ate me.

A USDA rule change last week offered yet another example of how the
current federal government decision making process is no longer "for the
people by the people," but rather is "for industry by industry". After
intense corporate lobbying, the USDA officially determined that French
fries should be classified as a "fresh vegetable". Children or adults no
longer need an apple or a carrot to take care of one of their USDA
recommended daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, but instead
can just say "Supersize Me" at their local fast-food outlet.

 Posted by Hello

CVO, "Ha! Ha! MW! ... from hell's heart (and your kitchen) I stab at
thee (lasagna); for hate's sake I sh*t my last sh*t of thee (Lasagna)!"  Posted by Hello

The boys droolin at work. Nice job Nate Posted by Hello

Me, Wills & Butchie at the parthenon, takin' care of some business! I ate so damn many olives that day! And then there wes the Greek Beer?! What the Sh*t? Heh! Wills was waiting on us  Posted by Hello

Kind like that color Posted by Hello

Me and Butch at the CAT proving grounds in Green Valley, AZ. I puked off the top of that unit just before the photo and Butchie is stumbling drunk! Hey what color was your vomit, Butchie? I forgot. Posted by Hello

Pay up GOP, cuz your rich BIATCH... & Please don't ever come back... asshole!

Lincoln mayor wants Cheney to pay for security expenses


Lincoln mayor readies the bill for Cheney's visitDick Cheney and Air Force Two are long gone, but a controversy still swirls around the vice president's visit to Lincoln: Who should pick up the tab for all that extra security?

Lincoln Mayor Coleen Seng says she intends to bill the vice president's office, or any other responsible party, for the nearly $32,000 in costs the city incurred last week when Cheney came to help raise money for GOP congressional candidate Jeff Fortenberry.

Republicans blasted the request, saying Tuesday that Lincoln's Democratic mayor was trying to make political hay and was embarrassing the state in the process. State GOP Chairman David Kramer said it was especially outlandish given that Cheney was returning to his hometown.

"This isn't about cost. It's about politics," Kramer said. "Lincoln is sending a message that leaders of the Free World aren't welcome here because the city is too cheap."

The Democratic Party's executive director said that if the Bush administration doesn't reimburse the city, Fortenberry, who raised $150,000 from the Cheney visit, should.

"It's shocking that a self-proclaimed conservative and former city councilman would expect taxpayers to subsidize his political fund-raiser," Barry Rubin said. "That money could pay for a new police officer or firefighter."

Lincoln city officials said they were researching Tuesday whether there is any precedent for such reimbursement. What they found, said the mayor's chief of staff, Mark Bowen, is that a lot of cities are asking that question.

Bowen said he suspects cities' interest comes from the tremendous amount of security required in the post-9/11 world.

Lincoln police were required to close off numerous streets for hours as part of the Cheney visit, and an ambulance had to travel with him at all times. While Lincoln has 40 officers on duty on a typical weekday, it needed to deploy 100 to meet the demands of the Secret Service.

Bowen said the mayor's request came out of citizen inquiries about street closings, costs and why taxpayers should bear the costs for a campaign trip.

Because that's the way it's done, the GOP's Kramer said.

Fortenberry was at a Washington, D.C., fund-raiser and couldn't be reached for comment.

Kramer noted that the City of Omaha and Mayor Mike Fahey didn't require reimbursement when Cheney came to Omaha to raise money for Bush last year.

Rubin said Fortenberry was reimbursing the federal government the $15,000 cost of flying Air Force Two to Lincoln. That, he said, shows there is a precedent for a campaign to pick up public costs for an event.

me and omaha butch at the homie fest. doesn't butch look contemplative? i must be checking my watch? not sure why. Posted by Hello

mmm. lasagne cooking in the oven the other day. this is my sorry attempt to get the dirty minds thinking about food instead of giz. Posted by Hello

Teaching CVO.

The daily news, with a kick.

The booby girl.

Billboard girl says, "I'm not happy being a genetically engineered woman with gord-like teets that supply the entire island of Britain with a warm, nutritious woman-milk."

Now, folks, I like boobies just as much as the next guy. And I probably like milk more than most... But what the shit is this suppose to be saying? Are the women of the world being compared to cattle? Or are the cattle of the world being compared to women? I'm not saying this gal has nasty boobies or anything, but I don't think this baby makes anything close to a point other than it is weird as shit. Posted by Hello

cheap beer

so along w/ the cheap pizza @ godfathers- you should all go to don and millies out on 56th and highway 2. they have fasty fatty type food AND 99 cent beers and 99 cent margaritas- ALL THE TIME. and- they have kids meals. its the ultimate drunk dad's destination. its right off the bike path plus they have bud and bud light so you will be keeping cvo and chad employed. get your drunk on.

dear chris

nate is a blabber mouth. it just surprises me that the one guy- yes you, cvo- that i always think of the cycling slayer talks all lazy-like like me. chris- do you need to ride your skateboard?

Dear Thad

Don't be bummed on me cuz I don't like going uphill. I just like to bitch about going up hill. I'm a skinny little fuck, and I can climb like a cat goin up a tree gettin away from a pit bull. I still hate it though, frickin Hitchcock. Does anyone like that course?

Couple of Ladies riding their bikes this morning, They mustuv been creeped out to see me coming at them with my camera phone in hand ( frikin pervert, wait that's me ) Posted by Hello

I went out to wilderness this morning for a couple of reasons. first off, to ride the log ride, 2nd to see if it is dry, It's not, 3rd to take pictures of potential dates if I ever become gay. I've got nothing against it. Just stop hanging out in the wilderness parking lots. I think it would be funny if I posted a picture of me in front of some guys truck givin him a big thumbs up and a wink and a smile. then I'd get my ass kicked, and probably pounded.:( Posted by Hello

Door was open, but nobody was home, Nate says he was payin bills, I think he was getting some joe. Posted by Hello

Stopped by the monkey wrench, saw Nate and Todd's new bike. nice. Posted by Hello

Last stop on the way to work was cycle works. I wasn't even gonna stop, but out of the corner of my eye Frazier went flying over the hip at the tye garden (i know, but i don't care how I spell it, they got caught puttin dog in the food) Posted by Hello