Saturday, July 03, 2004

:) Posted by Hello

:) GO Tyler Posted by Hello

2nd Place in the prologe in Belgium. yeah, so I took pictures off the tv with my camera phone, so what.  Posted by Hello

VIVA LA TOUR... or something like that, #6?

Will history be made in our lifetime,
will the man LA make it to #6
will his apointment with destony be cancled by Hamilton?
by Ulrick (man every time I think of Jan, I instantly hear techno in my head and think about him on X, scary)
How many stages will Pitachi win
will the lion king fade into the background, or will he rise again to the roar of a finsh line crowd?
Will Roberto Haras even be a threat? Mayo?
Will Baden Cook win the green again. Where the hell is Zabel?
Will Levi be a factor this year (RABOBANK!!!) man I love RABOBANK
and what about BOBBY?
what about the new team time trial rule, no team can loose over 2 1/2 min? fuck that man. you should drop like a rock if you can't swim with the big boys.
oh, oh, oh,
wait, I have to go change my shorts.
DAMN, nothing in life makes me (you) want to ride more than watching the Tour De France.
did you know I met Bob Roll in Vegas and he was shitfaced. and was gonna get even worse if he could find a bottle of red wine or two, man, i wana go to interbike again just to party with that guy.

ok, guys lets see if I can make this link thingy work.
the best tour web sight.

It's the tour baby, The TOUR!!!!! Posted by Hello

Friday, July 02, 2004

Your almost big enough to drive that little car little man, :) Posted by Hello

I was trying to figure out where this pic came from. That is the inside of the M trailer, and it does come fully stocked. I don't remember seeing these techs at the dirt demo days in Vegas last year.  Posted by Hello

Your probably not gonna see this sight until August:) Posted by Hello

:) Posted by Hello

Did you guys hear about Clark getting ripped off in Canada, fucking Canadians Posted by Hello

from the Donkey

Lake Wilderness at 6 pm tonight? All that work CVO has been doing out there - well maybe he should get that wood and start building a boat...

Ah, workin in the woods again :)

the two planks have been screwed together with some support. by the time the next rains come, I hope to have a bunch more done, It just depends on how much dough I make bartending, I've still got some duckets owed at the shop. and the rest I end up spending on deep woods off and 3 inch long Torx screws, (bakers hardware has the best price) If you ever go into the woods to build stuff. always carry extra off (deep woods, sportsman in the blue can, it last the longest), and Torx srews. they work the best, you don't have to push like with a philips head screw, they just drive themselves in.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 01, 2004

nice rig dude. you lucky bastard Posted by Hello

Our hero Clark stopped by. No you can't hook up a bud wagon to your rig dude. Posted by Hello

damn,  Posted by Hello

Dammit, all these years of fuckin around out in the woods and now, i've finnaly gotten poison ivy, and it sucks, arm, both anckles, and my D itches as well. Fuck ! Posted by Hello

Ah, Justice....Last year when I worked at the bike shop, this little shit came in. I remeber him cuz he's the self titled bmx freeride jump king (no pad/helmet catagory ask Tony Toth, we got a big kick out of this kid talkin shit he didn't know anything about) Anyhow, this skidmark on the underpants of society came into Cycle Works one day this past winter and stole Stan's gloves off the counter. I know this cuz he and Stan were the only ones in the shop all morning. We hooked Stan up with a new pair of glove cuz Stan is the Man, and it sucks getting your shit stollen while your visiting the bike shop. So anyone who see's this, kick this little shit out of your store right away cuz he'll steal you blind when your not looking. I was so nice getting his picture, then I told him what is was for and he totaly took off to get away from me:) can you say, self incrimidating, good, cuz I can't spell it  Posted by Hello

Although this would be my first pick. But Hillery is right up there man. right up there. Quote of the day "we need a stone cold dyke bitch in the white house runnin shit" cvo Posted by Hello

Yippy a chance to piss people off

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton VP 2004 /and hopefully
if news reports are correct
Pres in 2008.
we need a stone cold dike bitch in the white house
I think it will be sweet!
do my words make you sad?
or pissed off?
remember folks,
you heard it hear first.... Clinton 2008 :)
for rizzle yo.
for rizzle

(and I'm not talking shit, I'm serious, I'm all about pissin republicans off)

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


met nate @ 6- had a 24 oz'er of mhl then off to wilderness which is looking good. rode through the f-loop then headed over to the pioneers entrance. rode to the bridge then stopped for another 24. while there, mw and mg rode up- talked then off we went. took the hiker side back. as nate said- hikers obviously don't contact the park people to mow b/c it was still sooooper overgrown. it was a good ride- but humbling. i had a hard enough time keeping up w/ nate AND staying on the path while he was flying And doing wheelies AND jumping over everything in sight. i just realized that they have a race class for fat ass motherfuckers like me- called "clydesdale." hey- isn't the clydesdale the mascot for budweiser? coincidence? anyway- good ride, good times for sure. thanks a ton to mw and cvo for all the hard work- the park is great and totally rideable again. dope.


Spiderman Rocks ! :)

oh, dude,
It soooooo rocks.

Nate, Working hard at the shop. Thad was busy surfin porn while Nate was working his ass off. Well, at least I'll bet it was porn, you sicko. (what was the link?) dude, what's up with the bike hangin in the backgound?  Posted by Hello

Thad at the wrench, stopped in to see these guys before the showing of Spiderman. Posted by Hello

Cool eh! Posted by Hello

Nice ride Tony. Your gonna want to stop into the bike shop to hear about this bike. Tony Toth is the man that can bring anything back to life:) Posted by Hello

Tony Toth's single speed Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Thanks JP, MW, and Magic

Without you guys callin the park guys and getting involved, they probably wouldn't have mowed the park for a while.

Thankyou so much.

They have Mowed the first 1/2 of the park, and I'll bet Wednesday they mow the 2nd 1/2. Yippee.
even though W and I went through and made it rideable it's way better with them hittin it with the big tractor mower.

Thankyou park guys.
Thanks Jp, W, and Magic.

Have a wonderful time riding through the park.
soon we'll have all the mud holes bridged. so it'll be rideable even sooner after a rain.

Tony Toth with the first single speed across the mud hole bridge at wilderness. Thanks Tony :) Posted by Hello

The mud hole has been bridged. The War Axe was the virgin crosser Butch. Thanks :) Posted by Hello

Tony Toth, breaking his cherry at the log ride, he planted just like you did Nate, right over the bars at the end. He didn't get the facial you did. Posted by Hello

Tony Toth, sportin some serious handlebar action "the customers don't give me no shit with this" Posted by Hello