Saturday, July 10, 2004

all the bits.... scott Posted by Hello

sliding table saw, 14" blade Posted by Hello

cvo... the other day you were asking me where i work at, l.k. schweitzer is the name of the cabinet shop i work at.. this pic is the machine i run (cnc router), you can put up to a 5x12 sheet of whatever you want on it(plywood, particle board, corian) then with all the different bits, you can route, drill holes, curves, whatever you would need. the shop charges $5 bucks a minute if someone would come in and want something run on it. scott Posted by Hello

we have a few sheets around the shop... Posted by Hello

Dirty's friend bob, I think this is bob, came out to lend a hand and made a bunch of planks for us. Posted by Hello

dirty and I switched off cuttin planks, and using the dewalts to instal Posted by Hello

So, we went out to wilderness saturday afternoon. Dirty and his buddy showed up and we got quite a bit done. it's gonna be so cool when you can go the whole way around it.  Posted by Hello

War Ax bob trailer, food, beer, water, bug spray, music, and a few budies. Posted by Hello

nice beer with the skeeders when we were done Dirty got some chops now  Posted by Hello

:) Posted by Hello

we even bust out the tunes when we work in the park now  Posted by Hello

mud hole super highway Posted by Hello

how come we never see this car when we do a lap out at platte ?  Posted by Hello

waiting for the long hair to get to work on an early saturday morning. I was gonna bring you a bagle Nate but you were probably on your way. This dude was just checking out the shop. I gave ya some good props :) Posted by Hello

Friday, July 09, 2004

thumbs up !!

went out to brached oak tonight, nice job avey and corey.. that helps out a lot. i was out there on tuesday night, its like a new track. still kinda slick is spots hopefully it will dry off before the race.


bad pic of the results from round one on the table saw. ever tried to cut a 5ftx5ft sheet of plywood by yourself. shit. that was hard. -mw Posted by Hello

thanks cvo. i got some work done on my bedframe last weekend and hope to get more cutting done this weekend. i was in heaven with this setup. ripping ash down to 1.5in wide strips. -mw Posted by Hello

isn't it amazing how the weather channle says sunny and 80 all weekend, what's up with this. The beer guys are saying the pro storm chasers are south of town again for the weekend to get the good tornado action, just like they were down for the Halum run. get out the fenders for the mud race at cornhusker state games, can you say drought, cuz i can't spell it.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 08, 2004

got the buss all cleaned up today. tony checked out my wheeles for me yesterday, so they are good to go for the race, notice the new bling bling yellow candy foot rest.. Posted by Hello

yup Posted by Hello

Sketch Posted by Hello

Purdy Good! Posted by Hello

Can you feal the frustration with Chad as he tries to get my computer to work. We had a serious virus come into the sign shop. Didn't have my plotter working for the past 3 days, and still no internet. poor chad got this 18 page fax with fix it tips. to bad i'm dumb like a rock. looks like I'm also growing a Bob Roll gap in my front teeth. :) Posted by Hello

more jokes from dad

A little girl asked her Mom, "Mom, may I take the
dog for a walk around the block?

Mom replies, "No, because she is in heat."
"What's that mean? " asked the child.
"Go ask your father. I think he's in the garage." The
little Girl goes to the garage and says, "Dad, may I
take Belle for a walk around the block? I asked Mom,
but she said the dog was in heat, and to come to

"Dad said,"Bring Belle over here." He took a rag,
soaked it with gasoline, and scrubbed the dog's
backside with it and said,"Okay, you can go now, but
keep Belle on the leash and only go one time around
the block."

The little girl left, and returned a few minutes
later with no dog on the leash.

Surprised, Dad asked, "Where's Belle?"


The little girl said, "She ran out of gas about
halfway down the block,so another dog is pushing her

ah jokes from dad

Ole wasn't looking where he was going and his grocery
cart collided with another as he turned a corner in a

Ole says to the other guy, "Vhoops! I'm sorry, but I
vas yust looking for my vife."

"What a coincidence," says the stranger, "so am I, and
I'm getting a little frustrated."

Ole: "Vell, maybe I can help you. Vhat does yer vife
look like?"

Stranger: "She's tall, slender, with long, blond hair,
blue eyes, long legs, firm boobs, and a nice butt.
What does your wife look like?"

Ole: "Neffer mind, let's yust look for yours!"

Holy shit


Element of Surprise Cited As Bush Romps to Victory

Inspired by the early handover of sovereignty in Iraq, President George W. Bush employed the element of surprise once more last night, holding the U.S. presidential election four months early.

The election, about which only top Bush administration officials were notified, went exceedingly well for the president, who carried all fifty states and garnered approximately one hundred percent of the vote.

Mr. Bush's victory speech, which he had originally scheduled for eleven P.M. last night, was at the last minute rescheduled to nine P.M., once again capitalizing on the element of surprise.

In his speech, Mr. Bush admitted that he might have had a more difficult time getting reelected if the American people had actually been notified about the time and date of the voting, but added, "A win's a win, right?"

Mr. Bush's second inauguration is slated to take place on January 20, 2005, but administration officials acknowledged that it could happen "at any time."

"For all I know it has already happened," one aide said.

While the stealth presidential election seems to have cemented the Bush administration's reputation for secrecy, one aide said that some secrets were harder to keep than others: "For example, everyone knows how Paul Wolfowitz gets his hair to look so great."

White House officials praised the performance of the controversial new Diebold electronic voting machines, which successfully tabulated final results from Florida before a single vote was cast.

Uuhh, drugs are bayad, mkay?

Found this in the lastest issue of DirtRag

Dear Dirt Rag,

I see no difference between Marco doing coke and riders toking on the trail. The distilled issue is this: substance abuse is based in feelings avoidance-something the mountain biking world seems rife with.

Try this simple exercise on your next ride. Ask any three riders how things are going and chances are the answer will go only as deep as recently purchased parts, or at best, some surface information about work.

Don't get me wrong; it's important and valuable to take time away from the deeper issues in our lives. That's the beauty of trail riding. It forces us to focus on mastering technique and endurance, providing relief from bigger worries and giving the subconscious time to work through major life issues. It's a kind of meditation. The primary benefit of any meditative practice is insight, or a more clear and calm perception of the world around us.

Unfortunately, drug use produces a kind of pseudo-insight: a slight change in perception that can feel like a relief from life's stresses. But instead of realizing the power of the subconscious (as in meditation), the user is simply experiencing the tangible effects of disconnecting synapses and dying brain cells (general shrinking or atrophy of the brain organ) combined with disruptions in oxygen, and imbalances in blood sugar. Anyone who feels the need to use chemical poisons like cocaine, crystal meth, marijuana, alcohol in large quantities etc., is experiencing the power of addiction on some level.

Substance abuse is but one symptom of addiction. The cause is a lack of understanding and fear of facing how we feel. Cyclists who feel the need to medicate on the trail (or anywhere) are missing out on the greatest gifts of the sport: enhanced mental clarity, insight, and spiritual growth resulting from dedication to athletic practice. The tokers and heavy drinkers among us only realize a thin, self destructive, paranoid, physically debilitating mask of euphoria.

If Marco Pantani could have found the help and strength to get beyond his addictions he would have offered much more than his last few months on earth (vague bandana clad mystique and tabloid fodder). When asked "how are things going?" he might have answered, "Great! I'm getting more out life and this awesome sport than I ever imagined possible. I never thought I'd feel so comfortable with myself, other people, and the world around me!" Though he'd probably say it in Italian.
-Norman Petersen
Renton, WA

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I must be an asshole

I must be an asshole
or a scum bag
or smell
or nobody likes me
cuz nobody other than Scott showed up for the team time trial.

Had an 18 pack of beer for anyone who forgot to bring some.
big tv. I even had a little jerkey.

but no. Scotty was the only one to show up.
aw well
Other than cornbread having the only good excuse "dude, i've got a major final this weekend, cuz I want to be a doctor" was the only excuse worth having

ah well
I hope the rest of ya have to read about the tour in Velo news next month.

yours truly
cuz i'm an asshole

Damn you, shut your face you bastards

All these years of wanting oln and now I have it.

I stay away from all the results so I can enjoy a few beers and some food
and watch the tour and be suprised,
and what happens

Shit happens that's what, I check the news on cnn and find out what happend in a
headline by mistake.

I don't want to know what happend by word of mouth, or seeing an odd headline.
even if Lance did crash out on the cobbles, or a crazy fan blew him away
or Tylers head exploded and an alien jumped out. Or Zabel finaly beat the shit out of Baden Cook, or Pitachi and Mario are gay lovers. Or Bob Role says fuck it and shows up drunk at the telecast and starts messing with Phill. (naw, I do want to know when that happens.)

I don't want to know until I see it at night
I've got to keep my head in a bag all day so no information comes my way. I can't even listen to NPR cuz you know someone is going to fuck it up for me.

well, Chad is coming over tonight. So is Jesse, Cornbread? i left him a message.
come on over boys. it's gonna rain today so you might as well have a few at my house and we'll do some grillin.
I got a buck says Mayo takes the Alp time trial cuz he's got nothing to loose now. and he's gonna want to take a cool stage like that. any takers? (5 dollar limit, I'm poor)

I've got three weeks of nothing but tour watching to do. And mother fuckers keep fucking it up for me. damn you. damn you.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

It's byob for the tour. Wednesday. 6:30 pm

I'm going in early and taking off early so
we can watch the tour.

anyone who know's where I live, or how to get ahold of me is welcome tomorow.
team time trial is on oln at 6:30
be here with your own beer. or red wine (bob role fans)

If you want food, bring that too.
I'll be out mowing my yard so come on buy and watch the team time trial.
No dogs. I have cats.
No sex. I have a wife.

( unless grimace shows up. " call me " )

i HATE robbie mcewen rantings after stage 3

dude, i hate that guy.
you just know he would suck to race against.
reminds me of why Tony Wilhelm hates to race sometimes. because some guys suck.
and Robbie Mc ewen is one of those guys.
yeah, i may spell his name wrong so what. Fuck him.

did you see it. Did you see Zabel sprinting for the end. His style is so unmistakable. pink and white bobbing up and down so fast. He's the man.

What a day in the tour. Oh pour Iban Mayo. sorry dude, get a better team that can catch up on the flats. sucker :)
oh well. 5 min isn't that hard to come back from in the tour..


can you tell i've been drinking lots of beer during this stage tonight. (if you only knew how many times i had to hit the backspace key.. )


and bob role.
man, I wana party with that guy before I die. or he does.
I must make the pilgramige to interbike one more time just to party wtith that guy.
or to France. you know he's taking "chaser" every morning.


if you don't have oln you'd better call me
to make plans to come over.
I'll be hosting anyone who wants to watch the team time trial tomorow at my house.
Wednesday 6:30 pm.
check for updates. but i think that's the prime time oln time to watch the pre game and the tour.


looks like the wife, Collin, and I wern't the only ones riding down to oak lake to see the fireworks, we took the thorn trail though along the salt creek. And all our tires are still full. Looks like Cornbread, Sox, and Mrs. Sox. and Scotty taking the pic.  Posted by Hello

Monday, July 05, 2004

Some deer on the hike Posted by Hello

On my way to getting my CDL! So i can drive that Manitou Truck for Clark... Posted by Hello