Saturday, July 31, 2004

Scott and I spent Friday evening chasing little white balls around Pioneers, ( we were actually scooping it out for the big hips and drops to cruz through there some night all free ride styly, there is a nice wall drop off the 16th hole, and some seriouse hips to hit on the green of the 17th) see, just cuz I golf don't mean I'm a golf nazi or something, I see nothing wrong with making the fast dash through the park on the bike. cvo Posted by Hello

Friday, July 30, 2004

well you would think that getting your ass kicked like he did that maybe its time to call it quits and pay back the american public his 38 million in debt to the irs aka: (you and me) if he did make any money gettin his ass kicked tonight it should all go back to the irs, something tells me that a lot of it won't, focker, pay up bitch................scott Posted by Hello

So working for budweiser has it's advantages, temperature controled room, free dented cans of beer (when available) and your occasional free ticket to a concert. I just happend to be in the right place at the right time to get to go to Van Hallen (my favorite band) Saturday night. It was a hard call, Bartend, or go see the boys and the Red Rocker. You should all know I'm a money grubbing scum bag and will jump at the chance to tend, but my partner in crime Rob was willing to swap me 3rd on Saturday night for the whole day Monday :) Plus, I'll make more loot Monday all day then I would working 3rd on Saturday, Ka Ching for the downhill trip in August. Everything is turning up Milhouse Posted by Hello

Me, back in the day, hangin' with, god rest his soul, Jack Kennedy and a young John Forbes Kerry to the far left. I used to drink ol' Johnny Kerry under the fuckin' table. No Kiddin'! In this photo I'm talkin' shit about Jack and his fishing ability.  Jack didn't appreciate the humor and had me aced.  I was re-incarnated as the man you know today... luckily I was able to regain my good looks. Posted by Hello

Thanks guys

hey, thanks for showing up last night guys
sorry I couldn't hang and shoot the shit.
but I getz pizzade to sling drinks,
and as you saw last night,
nobody (cept kyle) slings drinks as fast as I do.

lets see, Tony, Sam,
the hotty you guys came down to the bar with waz
looking for you at about 12:30

what's wrong with you guyz? hotty like that wantin to dance
and you guys take off?
what's up with that

well I'm at the bar all weekend stop on down for another round

and Donkey,
dude, you hook that up, and you'll be drinking pbr all night.

laugh your ass off

snoop is that you

talk all the smack you want, but you may be suprised at who shows up

golfin at pioneers
7:30 pm
twighlight golf
show up at 7 to warm up on the drivin range with me
wogs is going,
and I'll bettcha scotty shows up
and you know I'll be there for shizzle

anyone else.
it ain't that bad we walk, and chase a little ball around and maybe drink a beer or two,
should be able to get in 7 holes for about 10 bucks,
depends on how many show up.

go ahead, talk your shit.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Yup, I got out to do some golfin this week, havn't been on the bike yet though, maybe, just maybe (if I have a tail wind) I'll ride to work tonight. Then again, maybe I'll go out to the driving range before work and hit a few Posted by Hello

jp and icon tearin' it up at Johnson Lake. That there is a mean lookin' catfish boy, der, tell you wha? Posted by Hello

for all you single speeders out there, the new way to burn callories and keep up with the jones on the yard work. you know, he'd need gears if he had a hilly yard :) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

my wife sent me this:) Posted by Hello

my cat Justin, Everyone always asks, "when you and shortstop having kids". It's hard enough for us to just take care of three cats let alone have kids, I'd never be able to go golfin.  Posted by Hello

workin at the liquor commision with Todd Long Posted by Hello

Congrats Thad and Amy on little Ava Posted by Hello

ahhhh, (Watch out Nate, some cute chicky see's you like that, she may want one of those from ya.)  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

ok call me a hard core punk junky but Sick of it All kicked so much ass tonight, its always a good show when a chick fight breaks out in the pit and blood and sweat goes flying, i made out with a pick and a drum stick.......scott Posted by Hello

Someone back me up here....

Olivia Newton John is a bull dyke?
Chad doesn't beleive me.
& Johnny Carson got slapped by her for saying something like "what a waist of a nice pair of tits, or muff, or something like that"

anyone anyone.

Monday, July 26, 2004

ouch, that will leave a mark......scott Posted by Hello

Chad, like you reminded me last week, sick of it all is at knickerbockers tomorrow night 4-9 all ages show, 12 bucks, one of the best nyc punk bands i have seen ( probably 6-7 times ).  come on down for a good show........scott
 Posted by Hello

I can almost here the load of shit backing up....

hey, Does anyone know if wilderness is dry enough to ride?

I can't decide between riding my bike tonight
or going to the driving range?

oh, please be gentle.

In a grand atempt to increase draft sales. Bud presents the at your table tap / bong (anal plug shown, not included in purchase) (used) :) eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww.! Posted by Hello

el diablo Posted by Hello

man, I'd love to be chased by any of these guys. Posted by Hello

:) Posted by Hello

you gotta love photo shops by other people Posted by Hello

I love futurama Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 25, 2004

did you guys see lances bike today ? nice bling bling gold on the spokes and paint job on the frame.....scott Posted by Hello

Congrats buddy..... Posted by Hello