Saturday, August 07, 2004

wilderness-gravel-back through wilderness. fuck- it was so perfect out today. see cvo- if you take down the blogsite where am i gonna be able to type "wilderness-gravel-back through wilderness. fuck- it was so perfect out today?"


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Friday, August 06, 2004

But...i can't ride my bike to work. Oh it is raining i can't ride my bike to work. Oh, but i am doing this and i can't ride my bike.  Posted by Hello

The cranberry bog...The ground isn't quite there. You can step down and it is like walking on soft wet foam. Pretty cool. This bog is the furthest southern bog in N.America. Most of the bogs that you can visit are up in Canada or in Alaska. The plant life in these things are very rare. Some of the plants are carnivourous. Which really they only eat bugs, and usually not little kids or small dogs.  Posted by Hello

There were two tunnels along the way. Approximately the same distance in length. The scary thing about them was that you would get inside the tunnel and it would be completely dark and you were still riding. Have you ever been on a cave tour when they shut the lights off and you can't see anything. not even you hand in frount of your face. That is how dark is was. It was really erie, and you are on your bike trying to ride and stay balanced hoping to not hit some hole inside and just when you are about to FREAK out you see the light and all is well. Pretty fun Posted by Hello