Friday, August 20, 2004

rode through wilderness tonight w/ jamie and nater nater then up rokeby for a bit before back into town. soooper-d-duper fun time. good times, dope rhymes, fresh lines. miller time.


"Bitch, i'll eat your punk ass for lunch if you don't get that camera out of my face", said Mr. Brown Frog. "Outa my way. I got some tad poles to make." Posted by Hello

Water taste good! Posted by Hello

Trolls under this bridge Posted by Hello

hope this gets some results from Jose Peterson

hitchcock race this saturday. yep. should be good.

saturday night we're planning on a get together at 38th & B. join us.
there will be fire. come over at 8pm with drinkies. spread the word at the shop.

next tuesday, august 24th i'll be at platte giving it some much needed lovin'.
prolly at 6:30pm. give me a call if you need a ride. i have two weed wackers and two idiot sticks.
maybe ride after working. 'round the bend steakhouse afterwards of course.

congrats on the guys who finished the leadville 100.
i hear kris got his buckle. nice.

hope to see ya saturday
over and out.
Jose (the serrnading racer) Peterson

Thursday, August 19, 2004

sorry so late on this one. this was the thursday before butchie left for kentucky. best of luck out there buddy. carp is standing up and you can see his carharts. nate is doing business it appears and my stupid ass is standing on the rail. -mw Posted by Hello


Twightlight golf,
7:30 highlands.

my golf buddy alex bailed on me.

A few pics from Jesse Posted by Hello

hmmm, anything to get your nose out of the smell zone i guess, so this is how shit gets splattered on the back of toilets that I always see. friend of yours jose ? Posted by Hello

Yeah, i love the delete key

So I freaked out yesterday. I do that
I get so wound up into something I dive right in without thinking. And then after I do stupid shit, that I might get in trouble for. I do the same thing. I freak out and go 180 and want to eliminate it.

case in point, now i'm all into golf. and I'm diggin it.
Shit, I don't miss sweatin my ass off and getting chased by mosquito's at all. I'm sure I will in the future.

Just like wanting to build shit in my garage, go through a hella phase, and now, I don't even know where my table saw is, (Well, I do, but I'm not in any hurry to get it back, really W, build something else while you still got it, it's cool)

I'm hoppin that after winter I'll actually want to ride a bike again. or I'll be kickin myself for selling off my bikes for an x-box and a bunch of games, or a motorcycle.

cars may suck,
but motorcycles rock!
and Dwane is always talking about how cool and x-box is,

"hey chris, you ever played Halo?, Hey chris, you ever been on the greyhound? man I love that guy."

let the shit talkin begin:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

ah, hanging out before the lifts. Parker, Dirty, and Drew Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A chilly mountain evening and nothing to eat but dry corn. At least I'm at work and I'd rather avoid inserting anything nasty into the image. Hee, hee. Ho, ho. Posted by Hello

We camped in Puder Canyon, the campground we stayed in was sweet, lots of hippies for the show in Mishuwaka, think outside with big stage and deck. But after saturday morning, the shitter was not in service unless you had your shots  Posted by Hello

This is a bad shot, but it's the rock garden dirty bailed in. We sat there for 10 min or so. So dirty could clear the cob webs. about 7 guys came buy and floated over this section. in the middle of this rock garden there is a 4 foot drop into more rocks. This dude on a Foes goes through and it was like he was riding through a grass field, just buttered through it. his foes made our downhill bikes look like cross country rigs. it was soooo big. Posted by Hello

Keystone has a butt load of stuff to ride, man made stuff. This is the place to ride if your heading out for a day, two teater totters at the base by the gondola, and a bunch of balance beam stuff. quarter pipe, launch box. It was sweet. Posted by Hello

another run, same spot, same sound, diferent view Posted by Hello

Hard to see, but Drew is in the air, and he lands at the bottom. there was a big bottoming out thud when he landed by me. Posted by Hello

some mf got in front of us way up the hill, we thought we gave him enough time, but we caught him on the bridge section and had to stop. fucker Posted by Hello

First time though and Drew decided to see how it would feal to fall 7 ft into tree's and rocks. I've never seen him laugh so much, then get back up and clean it. Posted by Hello

Dirty took the worst fall I've ever seen in my downhillin adventures, full face lid and it still bit him in the eye. We had to stop when he bailed into this huge rock field. shit as big as the desk your sittin at. Drew made it though, and I walked once. 2nd time I came rollin up on dirty under his bike. It was purdy scary, But ole dirty is one skilled mf. he totaly cleared stuff I was too scared to ride. And it was his first time. boys got skills Posted by Hello

keystone has a lot of bridge work, log rides in the tree's, this one gets up over 7 ft, but you carry speed and your fine, unless someone stops in front of you. Witch is what happend to drew and he went over the edge. this winds into the tree's and splits into two ways, one about 18 inches wide into a 5 ft down roll out, then a 2nd one about 5-6 inches wide into an 8 foot drop, we didn't do that, but it was sweet to see. Posted by Hello

Here is Dirty catchin some huge air on this kicker off the side. None of the pictures I took do any of the jumps or the vert any justice. if I stopped to take a pic, it was very burly Posted by Hello

Monday, August 16, 2004

Now for you guys that wonder why cov and I are golfing a lot these days, its pretty apparent why, chicks dig guys who golf. Posted by Hello