Saturday, August 28, 2004

NEW YORK (CNN) -- In the first major clampdown on protesters before the Republican National Convention, New York police arrested more than 250 bicyclists Friday night during a mass demonstration.
About 5,000 cyclists gathered in Union Square Park at 6 p.m. for "Critical Mass," a monthly bike ride around Manhattan, sponsored by environmental group "Times Up!"
Police started making arrests at around 8:30 p.m. in several locations along the bike route, including Madison Square Garden -- the venue for the Republican National Convention.
The cyclists caused "massive disruptions including of people trying to get to the hospital and so we took appropriate action," said NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Public Information, Paul Browne.
Cyclists said the bike ride was peaceful and the police acted unreasonably.
"It was a very peaceful, friendly occasion, like a parade," said one of the cyclists, Ellie Maxwell.
"Everyone was riding along when police suddenly penned us in and started picking people off," Maxwell said. "The police actually caused more disruptions than the cyclists because they blocked off roads -- at one point for as long as an hour and a half -- whereas the cyclists were always moving."
Most of those arrested were taken for processing to Pier 57 and will be charged with disorderly conduct, an NYPD spokesman said.
The three-story, block-long pier has been converted to a holding pen especially for those protesting the convention so that city precincts will not be overrun by waves of arrests.
The pier can hold 1,000 people and will remain in operation until the end of the U.S. Tennis Open.
Police distributed flyers at the start of the ride in Union Square warning that anyone breaking traffic laws could be subject to arrest.
The monthly bike ride drew thousands more than usual due to the number of people who wanted to protest against the convention.
"Critical Mass" takes place on the last Friday of every month to promote the interests of bicyclists.
According to its Web site, "Critical Mass's aim is to make people take notice of cyclists as road users."
"Although some obstruction of 'normal' traffic occurs," says the Web site, "we are only seeking to raise the profile of cycling, and put cycling and transport issues on the agenda so that they will not be ignored."
An estimated 250,000 protesters are expected to march from Union Square on Sunday past Madison Square Garden
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Friday, August 27, 2004

Who could resist, friday morning in the sign shop, making clash of the titans, (or champions, who fuckin cares) posters chad catches me pullin a Lindy Posted by Hello

Humor in poor taste?

Thad you pussy

learn to drink bitch...

and buy better whisky,

ah, you know I'm just talking shit, I would'v come over for the carpet fiesta but i had to mow, and work.
sorry buddy.
you gonna go to Indian caves?

hey kyle

what's in a booty swirle?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

where the hell is butchy?


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well it was the second time in my riding career, yes i was hit by a car tonight, i went down to see nate, bw3's to get some wing sauce for a guy i work with, and to the n-zone ( my regular hang out), on the way home i stopped by don raskeys house to see if he was home or not but he must have been on his way home from platte helping jp. so i was heading west on superior (bike path) towards 180. i even had my turbo cat light on, the "walk" sing was in my favor, i rang my bell, and even yelled but i still couldn't get the b.u.s.s. stopped in time, i was going down hill at that point so i was heading pretty fast, a honda coming off of 180 on to superior just kept going (turing right on red) and he never looked to see me, i did everything i could to stop but going over the bars to miss him. first thing i did getting off of the ground was to check my front wheel and make sure it was true. that's all i was worried about, they pulled over on superior to ask if i was ok i said " just keep going " one other girl stopped on the off ramp of 180 to see if i was ok..... scott Posted by Hello

ah, like father like son. is that a diaper he's rubbin your car down with? sweeeeeeet. Posted by Hello

ah, mondays

I think Jesse went out to Platte today, maybe he'll tell us how it is out there, and whats left to be done, (hint hint) I don't think I'm gonna make it out there with you guys on Tuesday night, the wife has got a few chores for me.

Scotty, Dirty, & his little lady showed up at the bar tonight. But nobody else took advantage of the beer offer, (I lied earlier, tall boys came in today, nice)

Woggs is steppin up to the plate for Monday bartender, & I've got a full month of Mondays trainin him. I'm stoked, Woggs is gonna make one speedy frikin bartender & then I'll get to sooner or later work with him on a busy weekend night. Sooner or later someone will burn out or retire, and then, bam weekend woogsarama.

wow, do you all know what that means?

I've always had the, one free beer on me, invetation laid out there when I open. Now a whole month of them. Hope some of you take advantage. speekin of beer (drink beer now)

(Scotty, I owe you a beer wednesday night when we go golfin.)
hey, you ever played the jim aeger short course? I've ridden my bike through it many times, but never golfed it. That thing can't take more than an hour, and it's cheep, maybe if I get all my chores done for the wife, I might slip over there for a few holes Tuesday.

hmmmm. gotta keep excersizing somehow, and the wife does have aerobics late, hmmmm.
(I'll call ya dude.)

well it's gettin late, 2:30 am
I'm almost out of beer,
And, I've got a full day at the sign shop bustin my ass for Chad for lettin me head out early today, It's sweet now Nate, We've networked everthing together in the room, and now ole Chad is grovin me into the OKI data world. (your the only one who gets any of that I'm sure)

like how I just single folks out in the middle of this blog. (well, tuff shit Butchy, your just gonna have to deal with it, turtle lover.)

Monday, August 23, 2004

Me, and my little buddy Justin. he must have known I was going golfin all day cuz he wanted some hang time with dad. I got in 45 holes since friday night, yup 45 holes, all at the highlands (best public course in town I'd say) 9 twighlight with Scotty and Collin on Friday. 9 with my dad on Saturday (he hasn't golfed in over 10 years, I got him back into it for a little father son bonding time) 9 sunday morning with Alex and Larkin, and then 18 an hour later with Parker and Collin again. Yeah, you can talk all the crap you want about how golfin is easy and shit. But you carry your bag and walk 27 holes in a day in 90 degree heat, I haven't been this sore since I raced Hitchcock last year. Speaking of "the hell of the midwest, how'd everyone do who's reading this? Lets hear the stories. And what about all the hang time with good ole Clark? How was the shin dig the other night at Nate's? Big cat said he saw the Manitou rig in GI. Posted by Hello

Thad, remind me to buy you a case of bud one day, get those girz of yours to drink some good beer :) you unfortunatle are a lost cause. heh heh. Posted by Hello

Amy see's this, she's gonna kill you dude

Thad, thats just wrong, cool, but wrongPosted by Hello

Sunday, August 22, 2004

why women live longer than men...

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This was on the sheltowee trace. It is a trail that runs North/South through the entire state of KY. Pretty fun single track through this section. Very mtn bike tourable, and better than rails to trails because you have to have a little bit of skill and the ride breaks up a little bit. Anyone want to bike tour it? Posted by Hello

Ruthie's Point part II Posted by Hello

"Man, i saw how you was treating that frog, and now you think you can get up in my face with that thing," grumbled Mr. Turtle "Now I'm gonna bit you and not let go until i feel you have learned your lesson." Posted by Hello