Friday, September 03, 2004

Yeah, I rode my bike today, damn straight

Well, the ol cvo got on his steed again today.
you stay away long enough, and you almost have an orgasim when you ride after a long break.
(uh, don't tell my wife I said that)

but I did ride out to wilderness tonight. Did the log ride, still safe and sturdy, Went through the fitness loop and cleared the balance beam. (that thing is much more dangerouse than our log ride) Then headed out to pioneers for a little easy peddling. Then off to work at the top, dead night tonight.
kinda sucked.
but I had that fealing about tonight, 3 day weekend usualy starts off slow. but Friday at the door, Saturday tending and sunday tending should be enough to come up with green fee's for monday and beer. Plus a little left over for the little woman.
and my frickin 60 dollar stop class, (mother fucker, damn, I suck, and I totaly deserve it too)
53 in a 40
yep, the honda is gonna be my coffin,
I need to make me a sticker.
really big
right across my font windown in the tint area
in etched glass vynly (sorry about the spelling nate)


man that would make people laugh.
maybe in white on my yak rak visor. hmmm?
anyone else want one for their car?

could be the new rave?
damn, i gotta go to bed

From Emily ( We welcome you )

Hey there CVO! Dunno if you even know me really, but yes, I do lurk around on your blog occasionally. Creepy, eh? Anyway, I have a very good and bicycley story that you and your little buddies might enjoy. . . I was riding home from Scheels tonight. . . .North on 27th Street near Van Dorn, riding along on the sidewalk, highly visible with my blinkey lights, etc. So, naturally, along came a car full of hooligans. Front Passenger Hooligan sticks his head out the car window and yells at me to "Buy a fucking car!" Gleefully, and in support of his friend's gesture, Driver Hooligan cranes his neck around to laugh at me. But what Driver Hooligan doesn't know is that while craning his neck, he will suddenly veer into oncoming traffic and side-swipe an oncoming car. And you thought there was no such thing as karma, eh! For your peace of mind, you should know that no one was hurt and that everyone had insurance for their precious deathomobiles. You should also know that I made sure to stick around to tell the cop who was at fault. Ride on,

Damn Posted by Hello

oh shit dude, campy for mnt bikes is on it's way Posted by Hello

Damn Koats, you'd better get me some stickers at interbike this year Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Indian cave

So what is the plan for camping out for the race at the caves, cvo said he is going... And taking some golf balls and a few clubs to hit into the river. I plan on going, not to race but just to camp out and have fun. The only time I plan on riding my BUSS is between the camp fire and my cooler to get another beer.

oh yeah... when is the beer ride this year, man that was fun....


well, after a day of bad news, I did get some good news. Home Depot is having their sale. Shortstop gave me the green light to get my new 600.00 De Walt compound saw. I have to give the radial arm back to dad, to make room in the garage. But Sunday I'm going for it. I'm also gonna hook up a new blade for the table saw Wills. Dad and I are going golfing sometime on Saturday, and then we'll head to Seward to drop off the Radial Arm. Not much else is going on. 116.00 dollar ticket this morning. That is gonna blow a sunday of golf going to diversions for 8 hours. But I'd rather pay the 60 bucks for stop class than that bill. I totaly blame this on my father (I can place blame wherever I want in my own mind) If he hadn't cancled on me, I wouldn't have talked Mohawk into golf. Instead of taking Mohawk home after golf I would have driven down supierior and missed the speed trap all together. Why take blame for my own lead foot when I can put it somewhere else just for the sake of a laugh. Hell If I would have been in the wife's Altima, I'd have been going WAY over the speed limit and probably wouldn't have gotten the stop class optioin. Hell I'd be in jail. The way that cop walked out into traffic and how fast I would have been going. I'd have run him right over. Maybe I should ride my bike more. cvo Posted by Hello

not quite as good of a shot as the first hole of the morning. I think ole cvo is gonna have to hook that morning golf thing up a few more times, it was purdy sweet. Posted by Hello

Had a nice time with John today. We're deffinatly going out again. I shot my normal into the 50's for 9. John went up into the 60's not bad for not golfing for so long. Then to top it all off. I got a speeding ticket on the way to dropping John off back at home.. Naild on Cornhusker over I-180, Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Johnny mohawk is going golfin with me.
my old man called me and cancled tonight (damn you)
so I needed someone to go golfin with thursday morning,
I made a 7:30 am tee time,
and I'm not gonna break it.
even if John doesn't go with me I still want to go.
But having a beer after work with Chad after a 11 1/2 hour day, Chad did 12 hours
we ran into John and had some suds with him, and I was able to talk him into it.
Man, I love hangin out with that guy.
and If I get to go golfin with him, that's gonna be sweet.
that may convince some of you to pick up your clubs and come out as well

WHAT !!!!
two sports, well, golf is actualy a game not a sport in my book.
do something other than ride a bike......
no, i won't have anything to do with that.
but some dude out on the course with a mowhawk, that's gonna send some other old dude into a tailspin of bad shots.
I sooooo hope he flies the hawk.
look for pics later in the day folks.

and don't be so uppidy about shit, everyone has something they like to do other than turn the peddles over hour after hour after hour after hour. oh, i'm sorry did I bore you?
like getting bored on your bike after two hours?
Damn, have a sence of hummor.

get out and enjoy what the planet has to offer dude. don't get yourself into a rut.

Hi guys and gals, Just wanted to say how well Somerset KY is welcoming cyclists on their local roads. Just got back from a ride where people were honking for me and raising there fist in the air and really cheering me on. THe local teenagers even stick there head out the window to make sure that they know that i am getting their message and how well they think i am doing. It kind of feels like i am in a race when i ride on the road. They must have "lance fever" because i know that they are actually all race car posers. I mean if they really were adept and followed racing they wouldn't have as much trouble passing a tiny little bicycle on the side of the road without having to honk and cheer him on. I mean that just can't hide their excitement. I can't wait to ride tomorrow and get cheered on somemore!  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Well ol dad and I went out golfin tonight. A little father son bonding time. Getting my dad into golf is sweet. We get to spend more time together, tellin stories and shit. Plus, he gets some well needed walkin in. 9 holes takes it out of him purdy good. And if it's hot, fooogeeetaboudidt. We're hittin it purday good this week, Holmes tuesday night, we're gonin thursday morning before work, (dad's on airport pickup duty) Then saturday morning somewhere? Not much else goes on in the blog life of the cvo, Gonna ride the long way to work on Thursday at the top. hit the log ride, slow pack it from wilderness down the thorn trail, to salt dogs stadium, uh haymarket park (sorry Chad) then cruz downtown to look at the sceenery. Damn, girls didn't dress like that when I was single. what the fuck? oh well, thank you Pairs and Nicky Hilton.  Posted by Hello

Okay, my recent bicycle story

So I'm heading out to Eagle so my own shortstop, I will call her shortcake, has some time to herself at home. She's dealing with dangerous people and is a little stressed.

Anyways, I get to Eagle and it's only been an hour ride so I figure I'll just keep going to Elmwood. I like the long rides where you get in a rhythm and no one is talking and you just have yourself to be bothered by. I'm cruising along when a female dear, yes a doe of 150-200 lbs, jumps out of the bushs and crosses the path infront of me by about 30 yards. I slow way down hoping... but then it happens, two bambis hop out of the bushes and follow their mom. For a moment I worry. I hope momma doesn't see me as a threat and come over and kick my ass. It could be a long time before another biker comes along to find my bloody pulped up body.

They disappeared and it was cool and naturey, but geesh guys, I got scared by some deer. Guess my card as a man has been revoked. I shall cease my hunting privileges and I will join the female gathering people...

I'll attempt Wabash on Saturday if anyone wants to join.

~That other Scott.

So, this is what compromise is about hu,

Well, I'm loosing my work bench in the garage, Shortstop wants to put both cars in the garage witch is elliminating my work space,
I've got to take out my permanent bench and put it on super hinges so it can flip up and down. small garage, need space
and I'm gettin rid of the radial arm saw.
but, my wife is letting me get the 600 dollar dewalt compound saw
doesn't take up as much room, and I can haul it around to wherever I want, the bar (barstool open golf hole design) or to work for whatever bud needs built.
and wills, it makes it a lot easier for you to come over and borrow. Open invitation still bud, whenever you need it, I'll let you come over and drool on it when I get it. just waiting for that home depot no intrest no payments for a year sale. keep you eyes open for me guys.

if you don't know what a compound saw is . then you never will. (or the many bennifits of said machine.
If you do know what I'm talking about, you know to be stoked for me.
and when the wife gets and see's the garage all neat and clean. I may get some, (keep your fingers crossed for me.)
hell between the garage, and renting 50 first dates, I bound to at least make her happy.

happy enough to let me play golf all weekend.

(dude, it's a give and take thing.)
peace, cvo
sorry, i'm outa ideas for to make the blog interesting, shit
how many of you have access,

where the hell you all at?

Monday, August 30, 2004


well, not much happened with ol cvo this weekend,
road the bike a little,
golfed a lot,

I was gonna go for a ride with some folks tonight,
but i'm gonna pull the bail card.
I really doubt anyone is gonna want to go ride with my slow ass
at 8pm 9ish,
for a short ride at about 8-10 mph.

I'm tired and sore, and I don't feel like holdin anyone up, and I don't feel like riding my bike any faster than that.

I know some of you are gonna write in saying oh, that's ok you should still go with us. but no.
you don't understand.
I'm not going to shift my bike out of the granny gear the whole ride tonight. even if your sitting there waitin. it just aint gonna happen. so maybe i'll see you guys on your way back in.
and maybe, i won't even make it out, i'll just take a nap.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

more news from nyc

Corporate Mofo reader/Fark mod Gwinny writes in:
I've done Critical Mass in the past—it's always been a great, peaceful way of taking over the streets via the best way of getting around Manhattan, the bicycle.
When I showed up this time, it was pretty clear things were going to be different. There were lots of cops on scooters who were handing out bike rules, for one thing. For another, there were about three times as many riders as normal.
We headed south with no incident, then west and up sixth Avenue. There were cops blocking us from going into Herald Square (a block from Madison Square Garden), so we headed east again, north on Madison then west on 55th Street. The whole way we were shouting anti-Bush slogans and were being cheered by 90 percent of the passerby.
At seventh Avenue, we headed south again and biked triumphantly through Times Square. I was pretty near the front of the group at this point, so I saw the leaders turn onto 42nd Street then turn back up onto Broadway, going the wrong way up the street to head back into Times Square. I didn't think this was a good idea. . . indeed, two bikers clipped cops on their bikes and were immediately wrestled to the ground and arrested. These were the first two arrests ever to take place during a Critical Mass protest.
I walked back across Times Square with my bike and rejoined the southward flow. We did ride past Madison Square Garden, chanting "NO BUSH!" at the top of our lungs. In the West Village we hung eastward to go to the East Village, our final destination. Thousands of bikers circled Tompkins Square Park a few times before heading over to St. Mark's Church on Second Avenue. By now the police presence was much more aggressive, heading down streets the wrong way to cut us off, etc. Second Avenue from 10th Street up to 13th and then eastward on that street was completely choked with bikers. I stood on a fence in front of St. Mark's Church and watched the spectacle until the police vans started to arrive .. . at this point I left, not wanting to be arrested and all. I guess I was lucky—not only were hundreds of arrests made there shortly thereafter, but apparently there were a number of arrests made along the route as well.
It was exhilarating to take part in such a huge movement of social upheaval. I am sure others will have more exciting stories than I do since I escaped completely unscathed, but I'm just glad to have participated