Thursday, September 09, 2004

mg was the first to cross this sketch bridge on our mega lincoln to caves gravel Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Rod Parker, aka, Rob Porter, hitin a nice shot through the trees, man I love golfin with ole Rod, but after a few beers he turns into Rob for me. oh well, he's nice enough to always forgive my brain malfunctions Posted by Hello

dude, why are you walkin this,  Posted by Hello

Chad and his new shades, Posted by Hello

I really wanted to start a golf blog, just so I could keep up with all the shit talk about me golfin.
but it totaly locked up this bad boy, so it had to go.
ah well, it was for a joke anyway.

oh well. fuck it.
I'll just have to talk about what ol cvo does here.

sooner or later someone will probably complain that I talk about bartending here.

And damn, last night was the shit.
I got hit on soooo much, there were at least 3 chicks that I could have hooked up with. I never really pay any attention to girls or guys who hit on me at the bar (I try to work it a little for the tip but that's as far as it ever goes, and I tell my wife everything. She incourages me to be a flirt. it helps out with how much money she gets at the end of the night.
I've been in the bartending buisness for nearly 10 years now, and I've never hooked up with anyone other than my wife (and we've been together for 8-9 years)
basicly what I'm sayin is I'm trustworthy, I'll play it as far as I can. And it never goes past the line. (there is no grey area, it's a black and white line, very defined and you know when your getting close, and then I stop, I'll never cross it.) I love being able to tell hot chicks they are hot,
it's a reall good fealing.

Yeah, ole Grace is really hot,
PHD in bottony running a green house in Virginia (and she hates it)
loves the 80's and 80's night at the bricktop.
she used to be a regular until she moved.
now I get to hang with her cool sisters who are dating a couple of the regs.
and she is the biggest flirt. oh, her poor boyfriend in wisconson.

well, it was a fun night,
I made good dough, enough to cover my damn diversions class for speeding and play golf tomorow night.
flirted with a few of my favorite ladies.
and took my georgous wife home some extra spending money.
and told here all about my exploits.

yeah, not a whole bunch about ridein,
and not a whole bunch about golf either.
but then what are you gonna do.


oh, I'm really sorry about the destruction of the golf blog
I know your all bummed.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Damn, I hate to post, just cuz that picture goes down the screen further

I could look at that shot all day.
and the guy in the cart. I'll bet he could as well.

Well, the first annual Bricktop labor day golf invitational was a success.

Woggs, Parker, Larken, Lex, D.A. Dave, (districk attorney) Mike Fisher (Fisher foods) Dr. Collin. (dr, in softwear design) Dj. Johnny black, Dubs (I.s saloon.)
quite the field of folks.
it was sweet.
18 holes at highlands, started at about 9:50 went till 3pm.
headed to pioneers,
and 18 more,
walked the first 18,
carted the 2nd 18
lots of bud's
couple shots of jim beam for me
Capt. morgan for Parker and the rest of the crew. both bottles were empty before the end of the day.

dude, it was sooooo sweet.

here it is.
2nd annual Bricktop golf invitaltional BI-annual.
memmorial day weekend.
36 holes of golf,
12 hours of racing.

it's the cvo Iron man.
catch the feavor.

think I'm fucking around? I'll see you Memorial day weekend at sun up to tee off, and if your tough enough,
we'll have drinks at midnight racin at B-oak.

mw, here is one good reason to play golf. come on, its not all that bad........ scott Posted by Hello

we arrived at indian cave at 6.30 or 7 or so. we left at 8.30am!!! the sun was going down. maybe it was later then that. here is bk and rm headed into the park. i had always wanted to ride the gravel down there and now i Posted by Hello

first stop (for food!) was sterling. sterling to johnson was 2hrs of nothing. all dirt road and some gravel. we had one crazy ass bridge crossing on a bridge that was 60%gone. not passable by car. i'll get picks from bk Posted by Hello

97miles from here to indian caves on a singlespeed (mw and mg). that's right muther fucker. all gravel. here is us at our second stop in johnson neb. it was a dream come true. 8+hours of fun/ Posted by Hello

AH, SHIT, man, I gotta stop drinkin so late...

This is what happens when you have a vacation day,
make really good money on a sunday night
and get home and start pounding,

you makeyourself a damn golf web blog.
what the fuck cvo

you best get Chad his bottle of Jagermeister back to him before you do some damage
notice the time that one was made,
wholey shit, what was I doin last night
and why does my head hurt...?

oh well
in the imortal words of Kris Scott (old duffy's bartender)
"what happend"
"where am I"
"I'M NAKED,,,, :( "

now THAT was an after hours.

ah well. fuck it,
I'm going golfin all day
peace out.

yup, I caved to the pressure

yup, it had to happen sooner or later

Sunday, September 05, 2004

ss cog

does anyone have a ss cog i can barrow for a few weeks, maybe 18 or 19 tooth, i don't know what one will work the best for the caves. i am going down there this coming weekend with my mom and dad, so i was going to try them out... maybe just maybe i might race in 2 weeks.


here is a pic of my dad today, he went down to a race somewhere near Topeka. he ended up getting 3rd in the 45 and over, sport division. he's 58 years old.... scott Posted by Hello

Your mom called, she says to bring over more beer.

So, who's all going to the caves, and who's plannin on taking the camper ride with the crew? I have to drive seperate, can't get out of work. but i'll be there. and I'll be camping overnight saturday night. ( At least I don't think I can get out of work) Wogs is going to Jackson hole for a month and 1/2 and I've got to cover all his door & barback shifts fridays and sundays for a month. Damn, good cash, bad on the sleep.

Hey, did Jesse Peterson die? I didn't get any crazy links to boobs these past two weeks
now there is a real wtf.

oh, shit,
Next weekend is the capitol city crit. And I've got to go to stop class. I guess I could go to stop class on saturday. But that is the annual father son golf day. hmmm, lawn chair, 40, shades, air horn, crit? or stop class. desicions desicions...

hmmm, Crazy things can just happen to you somtimes. My Folks hooked me up with a brand new chain saw today. (I'm turning 32 soon) I've had my dad's chain saw all summer. and he wanted it back. So he traded me tonight. You guys know what this means right. ole cvo might have to get ahold of someone's bob trailer a little this fall and do some work. And most of us who read this sight know's what that means. Yup, I might put the golf clubs away for a week or so and, well, the next time your cruzin through wilderness, you might just run across something that wasn't there before. and then again, I might take a nap and play some x-box. That is a whole new quandery for this winter, I think I'm gonna brake down and buy myself and x-box instead of a bob trailer. Either that or a new over sized driver. (Ha, MOTHERFUCKER, i knew i could squeez in some golf talk into this post, comon, talk your smack. he he he) cvo Posted by Hello

i stopped by my mom and dads today for lunch and read the paper, my mom showed me a new mattress for my nephew to use when he comes over to spend the night. man this thing is great, i might have to take it down to the caves for the race.. scott Posted by Hello

Well, I got it. Nice piece of machinery right here. It folds up so nice and compact. I'm making some shelves in the garage right now. I've got my first big prodject planned for her. I'm doing a large inlay floor piece at Bricktop. We're gonna cut out a section of floor and spell out Bricktop in Inlay wood and then set her down in Febuary when we move the bar. It's my biggest hardest prodject I've ever gotten myself into. I may need some help from some of my carpenter friends, or at least some advise over some beers some night. oh, and to my carpenter friends, borrow this whenever you want. W, I got a new blade for the table saw.  Posted by Hello

shot my best round of golf yet this saturday at Pioneers, 97 for 18 holes. Yeah, I know I suck Posted by Hello